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tuesday 11/09/2012

What the...

Did you copy parts of my advertisement?

not cool, man. -____-



monday 10/09/2012

sunday 09/09/2012


Good luck. smiley

Guild doesn't exist any longer.
Thread will be closed.

saturday 08/09/2012

Hello there, well just to get things started like the subject says i'm looking for a good, nice high level guild to join. First off i know i'm not the highest level but i'm incredibly active and also know my way around this game since i'am an imperator and have around 50% of the collection so i'm not an idiot when it come to this game lol. My favorite clans are bangers, vortex, frozn, sakrohm, junkz and i'm getting into pirana and those are the main types of decks i use. So if you want to recruit me just send a message and thank you for your time i will not disappoint smiley

wednesday 05/09/2012

may i join your guild
i just started playing this game this week

Beautiful angelz

monday 03/09/2012

sunday 02/09/2012

Call me lajuntso.

I want a guild that is active, and can help me progress on this game. smiley

I am fond of La Junta cards, as you can see from my username.

Hoping to get a good guild smiley


good luck with your guild!

saturday 01/09/2012

Your guild already has a recruitment thread smiley


We just welcomed two more to the guild and we are still looking for strong DM and ELO players.

friday 31/08/2012

You should come and join Vengeful Little Ponies we need champions for event so maybe u could be the person for the job

@cwhite183 your welcome to join any time.

@spinalcracker Thank you! smiley

thursday 30/08/2012

This is a Guild dedicated to having fun
Mininum level required is 1

Need a guild?
Not strong enough for the guild you want?
Too scared to join a mega-guild?
Join Lost Tovro Mexia today, the guild that lets anyone in and doesn't push anyone out.
No limits, no restrictions, non-active players allowed.
We aim to be not the best guild, but the biggest! (best if possible)

I need some admin and skilled fighters pls apply. click link above.

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