saturday 14/04/2018

Just realized that it was dumb of me to offer a card worth over 200k in trades for a bunch of cheap cards.. Let me know what you have and I will make you a trade offer

friday 13/04/2018

Sorry, not looking for#quetzal :/

For trades just pm me and we could work something out but of course since it's not clintz expect the trading price will be higher.

thursday 12/04/2018

Que comentário é esse? Completamente desnecessário, nem precisava de explicar, lê tudo e percebes, a 1 frase refere-se aos 900k e a segunda a uma oferta de 60k.

Hi everyone
i wanna sell ;
Pedro 0 xp (x29) 18k/t
Pedro Full (x27) 18k/t
If you are interested, you can send me pm.
GG s

Also, this thread is going to close pretty soon. Many of my cards are still available, just let me know via PM.

I Offer 15m clintz, PM me

Are u buying or selling Maximus?
Clarify this....

wednesday 11/04/2018

That was funny smiley

I sell Spyke Mt 560k


Platinum 0xp for 1200 clints up to 1000pcs

Send any amount of cards through private sale .

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