thursday 11/10/2018

Je vends:

Mclayton 0 XP [160x] (21.5k par piece)
Ielena 0 XP [3x] et complètement [22] (120k par piece)
Kit-E 0 XP [11x] (69k par piece)
Chiara CR 0 XP [50x] (150k par piece)

payer en cartes avec une valeur réelle de 1M + ou clintz!


I just got them in my PS thanks for looking out I totally forgot to close this after I spoke to you smiley oh and if you see another one for cheap grab itsmiley

I buy immediately all your Dookor OXp for 90k / each. max - 50 units.
If you have the 50 Dookor Oxp, I pay 95k / each.(Only for complet lot)

MP for me!!!smiley

wednesday 10/10/2018

Hello guys
I research cards :

Caciope 0 exp (1,9k/unity)
Crystal 0 exp (5,5k/unity)
Lilith 0 exp (3,2k/unity)
Mindy 0 exp (3,5k/unity)
Narendra 0 exp (2,5k/unity)
Titus 0 exp (3,4k/unity)
Unagi 0 exp (1,7k/unity)
Wilhem 0 exp (3,4k/unity)
Zdrone 0 exp (8k/unity)

Please, put your cards in my private sales smiley

Up. Now looking for any offers for silver, gold collectors and rares and uncomons above 200 000 clintz. I will consider all variants, CRs mentioned above are a priority. I will make 10% discount for cash offers

Also possible :

My 2x DJ Korr Cr 0xp
Your 115x Oon Cr 0xp


I'm closing thread.

tuesday 09/10/2018

Trading my Blaaster Cr 0xp 1150k for your full xp #b mappe 2000k. I add 850k clintz.
Send me your copy for 850k!

Hello !

Eddie Cr 0xp

PDD : 1000ctz

J'accepte le cash et les cartes qui m'intéressent.
Fin : Aujourd'hui à 19h (donc dernier message a 18:59:59)

Bonne chance !

How do I do that i don't know how to find the setting

Shao Xue lot is divisible smiley

Intrested in buying No love for around 1.8m/1.9m pm me if anybody is intrested

monday 08/10/2018

You might consinder checking your settings so that i can sent you a answer

I'm looking for jackie cr and dounia mt
Or I'm selling for 2 500 000
If you're interested pm me

My cannibal jo cr 0xp + 300k for sumsam cr + lao cr + elya cr

Thanks for this super useful information bro. @HomieJesus

sunday 07/10/2018

Hey so a while ago I bought a ton of Krash and its time to sell up. I have 1100 in my collection given they sell for 1100 to 1200 depending on the day id sell in any amount over 950 each, Message me if youre interested.


300 Bambino remaining

I'm selling my Dragan CR 0XP
I will also trade him if you want.
I gained him in a Cllectors Crypto pack smiley.
More information, ask me in private.

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