tuesday 22/05/2018

I'll buy yours (0xp):

173 Frankie Hi 2.5k/t
145 Larry 2k/t
100 Anita 2k/t
365 Sandro 2k/t
160 Venus 2.5k/t
124 Gertjan 1.8k/t
132 Mo DiFalco 2k/t
93 Mikki 1.5k/t
95 Burt 1.5k/t
80 Cley 1.7k/t
136 Zoltan 1.5k/t
97 Erpeto 4k/t
99 Soushee 1.7k/t
80 Ricardo 1.7k/t
184 Suzie 2k/t
31 Flyer 1.7k/t
99 Natrang 2k/t
85 Tatane 1.5k/t
120 Sayura 1.7k/t
84 Klaus 1.3k/t
25 Jay 35k/t
20 Clover 30k/t
45 Wanda 8k/t
50 Zlatar 15k/t

I'm also looking for (only trade):

Yayoi Cr 0xp 210k/t
Veenyle Cr 0xp 180k/t
Raam 0xp 190k/t
Maana Cercei 660k/t

PM me if u have some of these cards.

Good morning ,

I trade:

- Alec Mt level 1 with 55xp 7,5M
- General Cr 0 xp 18,5M
- Copper Cr full 0,5M

I am looking for:

- Cash (at least 50%)
- Cannibal Jo Cr 0 xp 12M
- Xantiax Robb Cr 0 xp 2,2M
- Jackie Cr 0 xp 1,6M
- Lamar Cr 0 xp 4,4M
- Lyse Teria Cr, Guru Cr, Kiki Cr et DJ Korr Cr full 19,5M/t
- Ymirah Cr full 1,8M


My Alec Mt 0xp for your Alec Mt full + 1.5Mil.

Will buy Zaveli for 225000 PM if interested

monday 21/05/2018

I will buy Kenny MT for 810k PM

Guys, do you know the meaning of 50% cash?

2x Ditha full xp (i value 50k each according to market prices as of 21/5/201smiley
Rahi Sledon full xp (Current market price, as of 21/5/18 is 144k, will value at 140)

+ additional clintz payment if needed (first time trading on forums, be gentle if i am unsure of how the prices here work, been out of the game for a while)

Looking for Judge Lynch, pref. full xp

Bought smiley

sunday 20/05/2018

Musta been the last price someone sold one for on the market, there are no 0xp on the market currently. Muse Price change to 30000. Thanks for the shout out

Also 1 of Each Berzerk Sold, All Jungo Sold, and 1 Leviathan Sold

Pussycats New Total - 264,930

saturday 19/05/2018

All found. Thanks.

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