tuesday 21/08/2018

Thanks for your support guys, but some players aren't enough smart to understand :/
I close this post now. I will open a new one soon, hoping there will not be annoying players to charge me to be a scammer smiley

I buy all your Burton 0 xp for 12 k each
send me directly in pv

Would you take cannibal jo and tanaerva CR?


Ombre Cr 0xp (4m)


Berserkgirl Cr 0xp (3.9m)
Sigmund Cr 0xp (3.9m)

monday 20/08/2018

Wrong website again eh?
I sell a full xp Death Adder for 1.8M clintz.
Sorry for being an idiot.

I can offer big 5 Crs, Caelus, Kalindra, Ongh, Zatma etc in exchange.
Please PM with offers. Thanks.

I’ll give you Kiki Cr for both

sunday 19/08/2018

Closing topic because kylorenne has become 9k/ea

I am looking to buy Valhala 0xp at 120 000 ctz

R u not interested in any cr's from listed ?

I also have 377K Clintz to work with so I’m open to any deal!

I bought
thanks you
i close

saturday 18/08/2018

Ares, yeah. I wonder how long Cisco is going to keep her overinflated LUL

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