monday 19/08/2013

Still looking for offers would like to sell today

I want a graksmxxt any xp i can trade
Cliff x1
Aylen x1
Liu x1
Buckler x1
Ed 12 x1
Rhyno x1
Eduardo x1
Trish x1
Tyler x1
PM me if interested

Thank you for complying smiley
Best of luck with your sale!

I have a vermyn and a marina would anyone like to trade for Bogdan . and by that way I would like it full xp

And i value her 131.5k

El gascaro 0xp

Could anyone sell me el gascaro for 1400 - 1500 cliintz it would be cool

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Zapatino : 405/u
Shazam : 255
Plunk : 750

Tentative price 1x T47 is 550 clz
depends on player what will offer smiley

7 Kalindra + Chad Bread Cr X Ambrose Cr 0 xp?

Its 5k less than market price smiley

sunday 18/08/2013

700 each in private sales, thanks.

I trade my Lizbeth
Looking for:
Vermyn N
PM me

This auction is already made this thread should be closed

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Aurora + kerry for 14 Annuqa

Interested in Rass, sigmund, sum sam? 0 xp

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