tuesday 18/06/2013

I would like to trade for GHEIST or Nightmare cards. I have the following that I am willing to part with (all cards at maximum level):

Piranas - Cyan, Ector, Wheeler
Leaders - Vansaar
Uppers - Frankie Hi, Janine, Samantha
Sakrohm - Embolt
Ulu Watu - Lin Bee
Montana - Prince Jr.
Jungo - Cheep

Will consider trade based on offering of interested parties. Doubles may be considered.

GL man its only there because i got bored, give it 2 days and it will be back to 300

I am assuming he means 550k cash for each smiley


Still looking for caelus cr 0xp. smiley 15 trade avaible.

I value them:

X-0DUS = 22k (need 13)
Shaakarti = 11k (need 20)

I can offer: Hammer 0xp and full, Jakson, Anibal and a mixture of other cards as well pm me with how many you have and I can show you my trades.

Je souhaite échanger un lot de Crs :

Elya Cr (540K) + Tessa Cr (580K) + Dragan Cr (710K) + Lao Cr (700K) (valeur de 2 530 000 clintz au 1er prix market)

contre 2,5M cash

ou les cartes suivantes en 0xp:

- Kalindra 0xp (38K) (max 6)
- Dregn 0xp (31K) (max 22)
- Yayoi 0xp (21K) (max 20)
- Emeth 0xp (25K) (max 20)
- Mona 0xp (23K) (max 26)
- Shakra 0xp (21K) (max 50) ou Uranus 0xp (21K) (max 50)
- CASH en complément.

Transaction en ES.

Merci smiley

Le lot est indissociable, mes MP restent ouverts smiley

Cmon anyon? Just want to hve some cintz or a cool cards.

I'll accept full xp kolos+10% extra

Still looking just pm me for faster response smiley

320 eatch

Best of luck! and a free bump!

Not as much for tanman. He is a good cr and safer investment. Anyways, no need to discuss further. I think u and I r in the same boat with Roger smiley

monday 17/06/2013

Marco benson Steve are all gone

J'ai à vendre:

2 Aylen 0XP (14k)
4 Belgosi 0XP (12.4K)
2 Carter 0XP (8k)
2 Chwing 0XP (2.4k)
Damian 0XP (1.4k)
Dr Falkenstein 0XP (2.9k)
6 Eloxia 0XP (30k)
2 Lorna 0XP (2.3k)
Michael 0XP (19k)
3 Minerva 0XP (3k)
Plunk 0XP (1k)
Sasha 0XP (3k)
Todd 0XP (1.3K)
Tomas 0XP (6.5k)
2 Bree 0XP (3k)
Daddy Jones 0XP (5.9K)
130 Dave 0XP (45.5k)
Fanny 0XP (2.5k)
3 0XP Gaia (7.5k)
Lulabee 0XP (4.5k)
5 Oraya 0XP (60k)
3 Serena 0XP (21.3k)
3 Glenn 0XP (16.8k)
Glenn complet (4.5k)
0XP Hefty (7.5k)
2 Jeeves 0XP (8.6k)
2 Maurice 0XP (15.2k)
Oxen 0XP (5.2k)
Rubie 0XP (5.7k)
3 Sydney 0XP (3.9K)
Bublgmm 0XP (100c)
4 Bublgmm complet (400c)
9 Butch 0XP (2.7k)
Deea 0XP (2.2k)
Dregn complet (30k)
2 Drorb 0XP (320c)
4 Heegrn Cr 0XP (34.4k)
2 Kobalth 0XP (2k)
3 Kronnen 0XP (2.7k)
2 Krung 0XP (3.2k)
2 Lovhak 0XP (1.8k)
4 Marty 0XP (2.8k)
3 Naele 0XP (27k)
6 Neloe 0XP (2.4k)
Neloe complet (400c)
Oflgn 0XP (6K)
2 Onyx 0XP (400c)
2 Qorah 0XP (2.4k)
2 Sekutor 0XP (4,6 K)
12 Shaakarti 0XP (132k)
3 Shaakarti 3 * (33k)
Shaakarti 4 * (11k)
18 Shaakarti complet (198k)
Sunder 0XP (300c)
10 T Gaank 0XP (40k)
4 T Gaank complet (16k)
7 Ward hg 0XP (2.1k)
Diyo Cr complet (101k)
Selsya Cr complet (218k)
2 Dragan Cr 0XP (1.7m)
Jim Cr complet (215k)

Je cherche:
Beltran Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Vickie Cr
Kerozinn Cr
Splata Cr
Elya Cr
Tessa Cr
Dragan Cr
Sum Sam Cr
Marlysa Cr
Autres Crs compatibles
injouable Crs
Crs non



I buy all your Samantha 0XP for 170 clintz directly in my PV. smiley

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