sunday 08/04/2018

Ahh 100 Alec guy:

Read his guide guys smiley and you should get an idea

Offer Lao Cr 100K for Kerozinn Mt pm if interested

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr sunday 08/04/2018, 07:57

I value

Scarlacc 0xp at 500k

can trade for Drakorah Cr 0xp (250k) + 250k
any other drakorah CR (230k ) + 270k
#Galatea 0xp(300k) + 200k
any other #Galatea (270k) + 230k

Pm if interested.

Got this. Anyone who can delete this thread, do proceed. Thanks

Thanks for the bumps. Anybody up for the trade

saturday 07/04/2018

I now have 1.1 million Clintz and 1 Maana Cercei and 3 Rattle

Just to clarify for the sake of others, is Tanaereva Cr 0XP or the cards you are looking for e.g. Boris Cr, Chiara Cr etc, 0XP?

Please mention the XP of all cards involved in the transaction clear.

Thank you for your understanding.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr saturday 07/04/2018, 16:01

Two cheap mts bought over the week. More more

The market means nothing to me. Not evolved. For serious buyers only. Best I got so far is 1.96m.

you can do it guys. smiley 2.02m

Vickie Cr 0xp has been received.
4 more Jackie cr full are still available with my offer ending in another 90 minutes smiley

Can go to market value if it drops or rises. Not a problem

friday 06/04/2018

Maybe you want NDololo Cr ? you can have a 0xp Ndololo instead of the clintz if you like.

Dagg cr
sera m1 and zaria left

Sold. Mods you can close the topic! Thank you! smiley

I buy 22 Havok 0xp 65k each smiley

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