monday 20/08/2018

Wrong website again eh?
I sell a full xp Death Adder for 1.8M clintz.
Sorry for being an idiot.

I can offer big 5 Crs, Caelus, Kalindra, Ongh, Zatma etc in exchange.
Please PM with offers. Thanks.

I’ll give you Kiki Cr for both

sunday 19/08/2018

Closing topic because kylorenne has become 9k/ea

I am looking to buy Valhala 0xp at 120 000 ctz

R u not interested in any cr's from listed ?

I also have 377K Clintz to work with so I’m open to any deal!

I bought
thanks you
i close

saturday 18/08/2018

Ares, yeah. I wonder how long Cisco is going to keep her overinflated LUL

friday 17/08/2018

- Selling 6 Kawamashi Cr 0xp for 75k/u

Mp for trades smiley

Hi! I'm looking to trade or sell the following cards:

Dwain Cr 0xp (875k)
Lizbeth Cr 0 xp (575k)

I'm looking for:
Kreen Cr Any xp (630k)
Cassio Cr Any xp (650k)
Geuner Cr Any xp (666k)
Skullface Cr Any xp (1kk)
Selsya Cr Any xp (1,4kk)

I can add Clintz or other cards i may have for trades. All prices are negotiable and may vary according to the market value.

PM me if you're interested!

10 Jackie Cr 0 xp for your Dj Korr Cr any xp smiley

Is there a buying price you have in mind or any XP preferences?

It helps players have an impression of what is an acceptable offer should they want to ask you to buy Nemo Mt.

Please indicate that in this thread. Thank you.

I offer 1- General cr 0xp Plus 2.000.000 clintz! Send me a private message if you’re interested...

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