monday 08/10/2018

My cannibal jo cr 0xp + 300k for sumsam cr + lao cr + elya cr

Thanks for this super useful information bro. @HomieJesus

sunday 07/10/2018

Hey so a while ago I bought a ton of Krash and its time to sell up. I have 1100 in my collection given they sell for 1100 to 1200 depending on the day id sell in any amount over 950 each, Message me if youre interested.


300 Bambino remaining

I'm selling my Dragan CR 0XP
I will also trade him if you want.
I gained him in a Cllectors Crypto pack smiley.
More information, ask me in private.

saturday 06/10/2018

Or maybe your crs

Thank you still accepting up to 20 more

friday 05/10/2018

Right thank you, I didn't actually know that

ok my vickie cr full vs your lamar cr 0 xp ?

thursday 04/10/2018

Looking for a bit more than that sorry.

Intrested in buying no love pm me for more details

43x Mclayton 0 XP (23.5k each)
u can pay in:
schredder 0 XP (90k each)
Ghoonbones 0XP (4.5k each)

Any other offers, Massage me or answer on the forum i wil reply fast!


I have Kiki.
Question is how much do you want me to add to it.

Considering that the price buff of guru and Nerf of Kiki is very recent smiley

I have a 0xp sigmund cr and i am looking to trade him for the following 3 cards,
1 Smokey Mt any xp
1 Ratanah Mt any xp
1 Kreen Cr any xp

Plus 250k to make up the difference, hope someone will be ineterested smiley

wednesday 03/10/2018

Guys, I'm starting to get anxious.

I have been struggling to sell this Wolfgang of mine... I have had him on the market for over 4 days and he just isn't selling. I keep readjusting his price to be much lower than the current market value... but he is still mine... I'm beginning to think he is a curse.

Will somebody please buy him from me? I'll sell him for 20 000 clintz! Rid me of this cursed card! smileysmileysmileysmiley

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