wednesday 24/07/2013

Well breathing in the wrong direction got me put on your blacklist so it's not really hard...

Someone doesnt understand the market smiley
I see no point as to why you just pointed that out as I clearly have said its gone already via private and here to people.

People no lots for lamar NO LOTs no low ball offers like "will you do 400k" if you send low offers undr (430K) then i will blacklist and thatll be that.

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Now another thread that was closed down, Gogo make 50 threads for the same card.

Private messages.

I got it, thanks

420 k Clintz
Trade cards LOT :
Spyke 0xp/full
Lehane 0XP/full
Sah Brinak 0xp/full

Please stop making new threads for the same card and use the existing one smiley

Hi white dragon, thanks for offering but i want some more cash and i don't need sum sam or scarlett atm ...

hi elite cr , i like the jackies but i need cash sorry

Hello i sell or trade my Ombre Cr 0exp

I value him at around 250k but the price can always be discussed. PM for faster response pls

tuesday 23/07/2013

Sold. still looking for a jackie full though + compliment (thinking about 7k through secure trade)

Sharif and myeltd what about the middle way??...for 10 hammer i give you 10k


Close pls, ty.

You value a lot of 55 jackie cr 0exp at 121k each. you are never going to get a trade....


200 Tina 0xp 900/u

Looking for:
- Cash
- Crs (jane ramba, marco, jim)
- Lots 0xp (Sekutor, Rowdy, Bristone)


Nobody interested to guru ?

Just as the title suggests,I am trading my Copper full xp for your Coby full xp + 5k.
PM Mesmiley

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