tuesday 25/06/2013

Sum Sam and Scarlett 0xp X Marlysa, Kero, Elya and SeldnorCr

Squirtroll + 2009

Selling Lao Cr [Full] for 720k
-Clintz only
-Only offers sent through PM will be considered
-Sale is done through private sale

monday 24/06/2013

Im searching for a Splata Cr.

I am willing to offer:

- Kerozinn Cr ( 0xp or full )
- 4x Kalindra ( 0xp or full )
( kalindra's could be exchange for others cards just pm )

If u are interested or have a question about the deal just message me,

Thanks Modssmiley

I'm looking for Tessa Cr
I offer Tanaereva Cr,Caelus Cr,Jim Cr +100k
pm me

8 0 exp haaken for each marco cr 0 exp

Level Eebiza for sale for 5k

Selling ARNO for 6k P< if you are interested

Caelus and blaster gone

Ohhhh ok thanks yeah i'd like jackie cr + 100k instead lol

Oh, or a huge sale involving multiple cr's, preferably rare unplayable ones like ndololo cr or rass cr etc.

Last uppercut, still searching!

Looking for 590k in Clintz, or 600k in collectors, playable or unplayable.

If you own a cr worth more than tessa, I can add a compliment of whatever amount you need.

Please pm me for a quicker response.

Pmed you will make the trade

Hello im currently buying Marlysa Cr....I can go as far as 1.3kk

Currently Smokey Cr is at 58 700 clintz.
I can provide 20k in clintz and the rest in cards.
Let me know if you interested by PM

To make it easier on you guys I have one of every card of skeelz even the cr's

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