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thursday 12/12/2013

Hi everybody i sell 3 jackie all 0exp for 170k eaxh..thaaaaanx

My General Cr 0exp for your Guru Cr + 25k

MP me smiley

Gg Livi Gg

Hello I search General Cr, I'm french player

I propose

Lyse Teria Cr 0xp : 6M
19 GraksmxxT 0xp : 40K/T so 760K
7 Charlie 0xp : 40K/T so 280K
46 Cutey 0xp : 2500/T so 115K
36 Brok 0xp : 4500/T so 162K
250K cash


PM/MP me smiley


Je souhaite vendre 9 noctezuma 0exp que j'estime à 405k
Moyen de transaction: ES ou VP

A vos offres.

Crowen 0xp its 820 ctz in Market !

One each stooge 0xp 700 ctz
For 10 stooge 0xp 710 ctz
For 50 stooge 0xp 750 ctz
For 100x stooge 780 ctz each

(tiny-Glitch) and infinity signed it , maybe now people will start hating my tessa cr smileysmiley

I want to trade my Kiki Cr 0XP, which I value at about 8,000,000 Clintz.
I'm searching for Lyse Teria Cr full XP + 1,800,000 Clintz or Cards!
Anyone interested?

Please specify what cards you are willing to trade for smiley

Yeah, I'll close this off. Can vouch for Vogue, he's a cool guy. Would trade with him happily again if I'd have the chance.

The trade is done thanks to Chuckila. This can be locked.

wednesday 11/12/2013

Oh, and before I'm asked, I value my Elya Cr at 545k roughly (swings and roundabouts depending on what the market does, negotiable)

Other cards:
Lamar Cr - 515000
Vickie Cr - 535000
Jackie Cr - 160000
Tanaereva Cr - 250000
Ombre Cr - 230000
Thaumaturge Cr - 150000

Valuations are an estimate, will be flexible with pricing.

I Search Guru Cr + 50k for my General Cr 0exp

MP me smiley

4 alec cr 0exp for dragan cr 0 exp?

I got caelus full +7k for my 0xp ones smiley
close this topic !

Plop ! smiley

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