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sunday 03/11/2013

U have pm

saturday 02/11/2013

I want to trade or sell my Ombre Cr full xp
I trade him with a Tanaereva Cr or sell him for 230k

Pm me

Jane Ramba Cr

Message me smiley

Offer jackie cr 0xp
pm please

Kreen for 57 000

Deal Done

Tx Modssmiley

Kinichaw rowdy and 10 for your graksmxxT

Also trading Hindelga x6 (7.8K/per) for Qubik x7 smiley

friday 01/11/2013


I sell some 0xp

12 Uranus 0x > 22k/u
60 Boris 0xp > 4k2/u
100 Chloe 0xp > 4k5/u

By SE smiley

Thanks smiley

@jikwarrior, im not interested in splata cr sorry smiley

I'm Trading these Cr's against bulk of Mona 0xp (26K)
Vickie Cr 0xp (565K) --> 21 Mona 0xp
Lamar Cr 0xp (585K) ---> 22 Mona 0xp
Kerozinn Cr 0xp (565K) ---> 21 Mona 0xp

If you have more then 50 Mona 0xp contact me in PM, I have cash to add

I buy ALL CARDS 3* 0xp!!! smiley

50 gone

289 left. 1100 each, cheaper than market smiley

I sell 2000 Radek oEXP for 800 Clintz each.
+300 Nanook oEXP for 4500 Clintz each.

Nice UR (:

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