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saturday 26/04/2014

Looking for raven too

Im looking to sell parts of my collection for cash i have CRs and other decent cards for sale.

Kalindra cr 165k
dalhia cr 92k
2x 0xp alec cr 185k ea

normal cards
Mechakolos 49k
El Divino 28k
Noctezuma 81k
Hawkins 15k
raeth 9k
lumber jack 7k
campbell 8k
kerry 17k
steve 9k
reeve 13k
please contact me via pm all prices are negotiable but i dont want to go down to much so be reasonable

40 Virginia gone

Jackie Cr 200k
Robb Cr 40k
Kenny Cr 60k
Tanaereva Cr 250k
Vickie Cr 550k
Parmabarb 0xp 8k
Sir Barks 0xp 2k

thanks !

friday 25/04/2014

We're friday, I'm sure you've found many of these cards in your packs ! smiley

It's for Coolect i need only 4 Cr then i got all Cr i don't include BIG Five smiley

U right i raise a bit my offer.

For manon or Scarlet Cr I offer :

- Manon/Scarlet Cr 1M250 cash
- Manon Cr/Scarlet Cr 1M40 in cards Cr 0 xp

Cards 0 xp and Cr 0 xp available, Pick and choose :

Blaaster Cr 0 xp 115K
Jackie Cr full xp : 225K
Jackie Cr 0 xp : 240K
10 Jane Ramba Cr 0 xp : 440K
5 Kenny Cr 0 xp : 350K
20 Taylor 0 xp 140K
20 Pandagran 0 xp 140K
30 El Gascaro 0 xp : 160K
4 Romana 0 xp 0 xp : 100K
200K cash

I buy all your lear barduh 0 exp for 17,5k each. Directly in my private sales.

Thank you mods smiley

I offer 1.500 clints. If you will agree my demand, you can put in my PS.

Thakns smiley

Close please thanks again mods! smiley

I'm sexy and i know it :3

Selling Ambrose Cr 0xp for current market value (450k)

Accepting cash or trades equaling the value

message me offers

Looking for:

El Matador
La Cobra

For trade:

Kawamasi Cr
Sylth Cr
Heegrn Cr
Boris Cr
And much more! Feel free to ask.

thursday 24/04/2014

Have :

Looking for Spyke and other high value Berzerk cards smiley Will also accept client in conjunction with cards, but Spyke is the priority target smiley

Title says it. I have a Caelus Cr 0xp and I'd like a Skullface Cr. I don't care about it's xp or level.

Not really gave, but it was a good discount, just to make it clear i didnt want Tessa just to sell it for profit, i just didnt think she was worth buying for almost 900k, and also, i wanted to buy copper along with her and i was on a budget, hope i made it clear, gonna close this now since there's no point keeping this up.

I need more 42 parmabarb, 43 curlix, 77 vektor and 97 lear barduh !

I have 153 rad, 40 rudy, 260 dreadlash, marlysa cr 0xp, 2 jackie cr 0xp, 2 caelus cr 0xp !

Haha nop sorry smiley

Still waiting for a serious offer smiley

1) Dragan Cr+ Ombre Cr + Blaaster Cr = Marlysa Cr
2)Tessa Cr(0exp)+ GraksmxxT + Ombre Cr + Blaaster Cr plus un négociable nombre de clintz avec moi=Marlysa Cr
3) Dragan Cr + Lamar Cr(0exp)=Marlysa Cr + 200k
4)Dragan Cr + Ombre Cr + 100k=Marlysa Cr
5)Dragan Cr + 410k= Marlysa Cr

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