thursday 15/08/2013


I change:

- 12 Caelus cr 0xp (110 000/earch) for you Sum Sam cr (1M3)
- 11 Caelus cr 0xp (110 000/earch) for you Marlysa cr (1M2)

Transaction in secure trade.

Done deal. You can close it.

I'd like to buy Thaumaturge Cr full xp for whatever you are willing to sell for. Get in touch via pm and send me an offer. Clintz only please.


I exchange my Sum Sam Cr 0exp for your Marlysa Cr (full is better)

I consider the two cards of equal value (1.2 M), send me mp if interested.

Still only 30 Moses 0 Xp left, remember I don't mind Cr's!

I would like to sell it for 610k or trade for Kerozinn Cr/Lamar Cr/Splata Cr/playable Crs +compliment

Numar + clintz ?

I only can pay 1 million of Clintz for only one of them, if you are interested to sell, just send it via private sale and pm me (so I will buy faster).

Ok as title says i wanna buy several mokra, ill pay:
5.8k per 0xp and 5.6k full CASH
6.2k per 0xp and 6k full CARDS

The cards i can offer are:
Hendz 0xp
Olga Noel full
Jeena full
Lost Hog 0xp
Zinfrid 0xp
Tomas full
Deea 0xp
Krung 0xp
Hystrix 0xp
Rhed Cr full
Muze full
Wanda full

thnks mods

wednesday 14/08/2013

11 Kawamashi Cr 0xp (53.9k)
76 Chan (228k)
13 Moegura 0xp (10.4k)
3 Sylth Cr 0xp (111k)
1 Veenyle Cr 0xp (18.5)
1 Edd Cr 0xp (23k)
1 Kolos 0xp (34k)
1 Alec Cr (165k)
1 Noodile Cr (11k)
20 Tuck 0xp e 6 full (44k+11.7k)
1 GraksmxxT 0xp (42k)
1 Tanaereva Cr (210k)
1 Jackie Cr 0xp (133k)
1 Spyke (16k)
1 Peeler (16k)
1 Uranus (27k)

I try:

1 Kinichaw (20.5k)
1 Mechakolos (32k)
1 Miss Twice Cr (200k)
1 Lamar Cr (465k)
1 Splata Cr (540k)

Looking for:

Clintz - 700k.
Cards - 710k.

For cards, I'd like any playable cr, any expensive card bulk (20k+) or thaumaturge cr.

Message me wherever, thanks.

Je cherche ces 3 cartes ... je veux pas échanger ... Je veux seulement payer avec de l'argent pur ... alors pensez à effet intéressant. Texte moi un message privé ... s'il vous plaît. Merci à tous.

Now at market Kerozinn Cr (450) Splata Cr (560) Tessa Cr (550) ... so make good offer to something that ALL can buy easily at market...and remember i pay in pure cash. thx.

Hello everyone i would like to buy 50 simeon either 0exp or full.Mix will be better.
0exp 990/head
full exp 910/head
Send me a message for faster response.

Ok then good luck

You value it at 225k and your reserve price is 225k?

Still looking!!

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