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wednesday 19/03/2014

Also selling crassus 0xp for 8.5k.. Will sell cards individually

tuesday 18/03/2014

I'm not selling and market value and i have wrote many others because there are many so if someone had what i wanted and were interested in something they could message me and we would work out a deal getting people to message me about cards for trade is exactly the point of the topic

8k each so 464k through private sell

Hello! I sale these two lots 0xp! Accept only cash and all in private sales!
-14 Noctezuma 0xp (72k/CAD)
- 31 Mechakolos 0xp (46k/CAD)

Pm me!

Prices change all the time. People don't read things properly so I don't know why I try at times but I have said above that prices are there for the sake of having to write something. I expect people to make offers.

I trade my Guru Cr 0xp for the full one + 50k

Yo man, got any from the ROOTS and GHEIST clans for sale?

As i've said, if you have a counter offer, don't hesitate to PM me so that we can work it out. thanks for the concern though smiley

It's over

thanks to all but the reserve price was not reached in any lot

All lots start at 75k a head and have different reserve prices depending on how many there are in the lot
lot 1 10 noctezuma 0 exp res 750k
lot 2 15 noctezuma 0 exp res.1100k
lot 3 25 noctezuma 0 exp res 1855k
lot 4 50 noctezuma 0 exp res 3.75m
all transactions will be done through SE
cash (at least 50% of the bid)
caelus cr
Jackie cr
blaaster cr
auction ends april fools day 1 April 2014 at noon PST

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monday 17/03/2014

For lyse

4M + Rass Cr 0xp + Ambrose Cr + 20 Cortez + Tsubame + Bogdan + Mechakolos + Kolos + Edd Cr + Kenny Cr + Ongh + GraksmxxT + Lizbeth + Charlie

Oh gosh smiley
Nobody want the beautiful heartnett ? smiley

Looking for 2.1k cash per head in secure trade.

Thank you.

I have a bersergirl cr 0xp I value at 1'1M. I'm looking for playable Crs + cash (max. 300k in cash).
If interested send me a pm or post here smiley

Can you please evaluate 1 bristone full and 1 el matador 0exp, thanks smiley

+ other 100k from spt rozzo smileysmileysmiley for a total offer 8.35m cash


I add 50k to my offer

Buying diana 's 12.000 clintz in my P.V smiley

have a good day!


sunday 16/03/2014

3-2k then.

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