friday 27/07/2012

We are here, trying to regain what we lost, and also to recruit any and all members who are interested in a newborn guild.


Good luck smiley

thursday 26/07/2012

Hmmm, good luck ! smiley

Come on keep up , keep up the momentum to survive and become a premier guild in UR! join up and be a part of the FORCE!!! may the force be with you team Canada.

Nice going keep it up smiley

Who can miss out on joining?? this is one of the best guilds in UR , join up! and do not regret it! smiley

Good luck smiley

wednesday 25/07/2012

Join my guild if you like smiley

sunday 22/07/2012

Growing more and more everyday, join us today!


JOIN Zuki_corp Guild smiley
About Zuki ;
lv 2 Guild
minimal level ; 10

COOL / EXCITING ?? smiley
Wanna join my guild ?? OPEN THIS SITE :

Guild:333290 we can provide tips in market and game we are new but we are helpful and will talk smiley

Guild:333290 Is currently accepting applications

Guild requirements:
-at least level 15

We like to talk games (Pokemon, skyrim ect)
We will have in guild events until we can create our own
We can provide market and playing tips
Most of all we like to have fun!smiley

saturday 21/07/2012

Bzzt bzZzzzZzt BzZZzZzzzZt! smiley

thursday 19/07/2012

Good luck smiley


Please use a tag [RECR] and re-post. Thanks smiley

Join Black Operation.

We are a very active guild with low requirements. Our message board is very fun and we have many card giveaways. All of our members are very nice and like to joke around and just kick it with friends and have a good time on Urban Rivals. The only basic requirement is to change your picture. Take a second to check us out:

Have a good day.


wednesday 18/07/2012

Are you a Nyan Cat fanatic?
Do you want everyone to know?
Then the guild:1763438 guild is certainly for you!

All I ask of you is to be level 10 and up!


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