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wednesday 22/08/2012

All interested please apply.

tuesday 21/08/2012

We are the under dogs, LOOKING FOR NEW MEMBERS. we would love for anybody to join that's above level 12.. this guild is for all who speak English and love to spend lots of time on urban rivals. can't wait to be your Allie..

Good luck buddy smiley Hopefully our guilds can be the top 2 on Urban Rivals someday.

I had joined my friend's guild, but it seems he has quit, so i am truly open to guilds this time

plz pm me for fastest reply, tight-knit will always beat # of members in terms of choice

i am lv43
i have good card overall value (kinda)
i wish to grow a handlebar mustache (though it shall never happen)
fan of humor
will always keep forums interesting

thanks mods

monday 20/08/2012

I need people to join so join and lets build a strong guild that will be challenging to everyong and everything that gets in our way.

sunday 19/08/2012

Come on guys...we need atleast 2 more by Tuesday smiley

Hi this is the founder of this guild i am looking for active players if u are interested message me thank u
I want to make this guild possible active i hope to attract active members

friday 17/08/2012

Stop by any time

Cool Bean Custard

thursday 16/08/2012

Actually, I kick non active players out of my guild. Only reason why it is so small. I wonder how many inactive players are in larger guilds?

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Wrong forum, try the Strategy and Tactics: General forum smiley

Are you sure? i don't see you listed on the guild as an applicant. try again please. smiley

wednesday 15/08/2012

Unless you're a multi I don't see how any level 21 can claim to be a good player. I'd automatically not consider you for my guild because of that comment.

tuesday 14/08/2012


I like mustaches and so does FaZe! Join us today, we'll love you. smiley


I have found that there is a very good guild called war party so could the mods close this thread?

sunday 12/08/2012

♫ The answer to all has come, the war is not over and we will make a difference!

♪ Insanity has set foot on earth and recruits need to put an end to the fighting.

♪ Requirements:
-Level +5
-Forum and game activity (primarily)
-Come with desire to improve!

♪ soon:
-Guides on all game modes
-Prizes for the best

* Come and be part of the madness!

guild:1785526 +5

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