friday 07/09/2018

As title says , trade my No Love 0exp + Yayoi Cr full exp , for Xantiax Robb Cr.
Can repalce Yayoi for 200k clintzs.

Accept other offers too , but prioritize Xantiax Robb Cr.
thx smiley

Rowdy MOB Cr Thx again for editing smiley

Zion TeKilA I'm sorry but I'm not interested in #Marshal 0xp.

thursday 06/09/2018


Willing to trade:

Captain Rescue 0 xp, current value 126,000 x1
Slade 0 xp, current value 182,000

Total value: 308,000

Looking to trade:

Kit-E any xp, current value 85,000 x1
Slayer any xp, current value 193,000 x1

Total value: 278,000

Can take difference in clintz or other card offers.

U started talking s**t about my post, and now u expect to finish here our conversation because u don't know how to answer.

Obvious d**b answer, anyway, that confirm what's the object of my previous comment i.e that u r one of those kind of person that comment others people's post just because u r a ignorant and because u don't know how business work in this game. In other words, pathetic asf.

Thx to ruin my post.

wednesday 05/09/2018

Looking to swap her vs your Lyse Teria Cr full + 125k.
Thank you smiley

Found, DT type 2 here I come smiley

Offer 2 behemots and 2 shinobi

Id take da+200k its in ur ps

Can do 3 more times smiley and yeah itzz lol

Hi mates I trade my Cannibal Jo Cr 0xp (11.500.000) by your Cannibal Jo Cr full (10.250.000) +1M cash.
I'm not interesting in other change, cards or any else. I attend mp.

tuesday 04/09/2018

monday 03/09/2018

sunday 02/09/2018

666 Mefisto 0xp 43k/t smiley

Raam 0xp 130k
Dollum 0xp 20k
Cortez 0xp 260k

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