sunday 04/08/2013

Wanna sell my jim Cr 205k full

I am interested:

- Caelus Cr(full)
- Blaaster Cr (full)
- Jackie Cr (full)
- Cards +10k
- Clitzs


It is okay smiley I'm a man of words. Congratz Trippie.

Are you interest into 217x Mylka 0xp ? Look at market.

Murray 0 xp in 800/h in my pv thank's smiley


Sal. Closed thank you

I am buying Pastor. Preferably for about 5700.(Im not rich) PM me. Thanks.

Im looking to sell my lamar cr im looking to get around 485k for him in cards (playable crs and no bulk) or 475k in straight clintz

send me a pm with your offers

I'm looking for OBSCENE amounts of crunchy and morgane. I'll pay 150 a piece, just put in private sales

Why does it always post these in the English forum when I am in the French forum smiley

I wrote it in the French Forum and it's in the English one?smileysmiley

You kept giving me the same runaround over what was essentially 3%. Since I have a headache and you've done this before, I decided to save some time. smiley

Jungo clan + 170k is good also smiley

2 Jim Cr + 50 k cash smiley

saturday 03/08/2013

Trading my Kiki cr 0xp for full + compliment smiley smiley

PM me smiley

Subject finished, I got Lao Cr and Shawoman Cr for these smiley Thanks for inquiring.

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