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tuesday 17/09/2013

80k for Geuner Cr and 90k for Seldnor Cr

Editor's Note: added card to price assuming they were written respectively smiley

edited by Sir B00BY tuesday 17/09/2013, 15:21

I wanna buy tanaereva Cr. No matter * and xp. Send me your offer on pw, max price 190k

Trade your Dregn on my Yayoi, Wardom+3000 clintz

I have 25 olga 0xp + 100 k smiley

I have a shawoman cr 700k
looking for cash or playable cr like tessa 620 tanaereva 205 jackie 130 caelus 105 ecc.
no bulks no unplayable cr

pm for negotiations

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edited by Sir B00BY tuesday 17/09/2013, 07:16

Please state how much you would like to sell/trade sum sam cr for, as well as cards you are looking to trade him for smiley

In case I wasn't clear:

Grand total is 535k

Ok well i was happy with a little but to me 0xp cr cards are worthless except for bragging rights and since i wanna lvl it thanks anyways smiley it to me is like saying i have guru cr and general cr and lyse teria cr and kiki cr, dj korr cr and mannon cr but i will never use them and i will never lvl them or play with them.... in a virtual card game..... i understand reg cards but crs? thanks anyways smiley let me know if you wanna trade for 175ksmiley

Good luck, try posting on the french forum it's a lot more active then the english board.

Last offer at 21 : 53 : 59 gumi win with 2 caelus cr full + 134 k

I have 300,000 clintz even, and I would like an Ambrose Cr. Is there anyone who wants to sell?

monday 16/09/2013

What I want:

NBs, mostly rares (primarily: Kinichaw, El Divino, Mechakolos but need others too)

What I have to trade:

2x Marco Cr
2x Heegrn Cr
1x Uranus
1x Toro
1x Oraya
2x Chiara
1x Charlie
2x Yayoi
... and many, many Russels smiley

Can also work Clintz / other requested cards.

PM me if interested (WITH AN OFFER)!

Send me your offer on pw, i'll choose the best onesmiley
Don't care about his lvl and xp; maximum pay - 180k

Lyse + compliment

I'll give you lyse

and you are a very good player smiley

GL with this smiley

You can Buy 20 -20-.... card's

No thanks I'm looking for various bezerk , no doubles

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