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sunday 20/04/2014

Sell A award cr (195,000 clints) and skullface cr (185,000) or exchange for cards of the same clints value. smiley


saturday 19/04/2014

1.4m cash ill sell

50 sue full xp 350 clints each 17.5k in clints pm me for fast response only looking for clints or lots of dolly 0xp

Hi, I need some marlysa cr 0xp for my collection smiley

For one of her, I can offer 105 rad 0xp smiley

The trade can be maked 8 times smiley

Contact me with PM smiley

48K each? Just initiate a secure trade, I will buy instantly.

Still Looking!

He did i pmed him..up

friday 18/04/2014

I've Kiki Cr for sale or exchange, I can sell for 10M or Guru Cr + 1,5M smiley

Full xp 89k

Be more specific smiley

Looking for a Blaastr Cr and Vermyn N

Je vends 50 GraksmxxT 0xp par 61k/t

No no

Je vends 50 GraksmxxT 0xp a 61k/t

5k each ? are you kidding ? LOL
you just cant paste your own price -.-"
well : my price
4x yayoi 0xp
dalhia cr 0xp
blaaster cr full xp
emeth cr full xp
2 bogdan full xp

Now offering 1,400,000 clintz

Auction won by ComeAtMe

thursday 17/04/2014

I sell General Cr 0xp
Evaluation: 9.500.000 clintz
I prefer cash but I'm ready to consider any type of offer

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