thursday 09/05/2013

Will also trade for some cards in Fang Pi and Gheist

Hi all.

I am looking for 2.OOO ayzkub 0xp to complete my lot of 5.OOO ayzkub 0xp

1 Ayzkub 0xp --> 320 Clintz (private sell)
+50 Ayzkub 0xp --> 335 Clintz/u (private sell)
+100 Ayzkub 0xp --> 340 Clintz/u (secure trade smiley )


Ok got him.close it please.thank you smiley

Graks full+ craho for graks 0exp? smiley

As title says I'm buying a vickiesmiley

send me a PM as to how much you want for yours and how much xp it has, I don't care about the xp but if I get a good offer on a 0xp that I can later trade for a max xp+compliment to make up for the loss thats finesmiley I'm looking to buy vickie cheapest at 400k XD even though I don't expect people to go that low but ye I prefer it under market price

Hello has all today I buy Jessie 0xp.

I give you 4000 / head has the unity or by lot of 10 maxi. Then so more first prize send I a MP to negotiate

Directly there vp!

80 copies. all for 23k or a dorian. negotiable.

Please close. Thanks!

I need to sell lots of cards(57) 205 per unit!

wednesday 08/05/2013

Splata cr for 455k

Thanks mod smiley

I trade my Berzekgirl cr for 700.000 clinz .. or others offer but please send me message not here xD

No.. but Say me offer not here

I also looking for petra any xp

Hi guys,

I am looking for a general cr to help me finalise La Junta missions.
I propose for that Dj korr cr full.

Mes estimations:
General Cr = 9M
DJ Korr Cr = 11M

I am then looking for a complement of 2M in cards (below) or 1.5M in cash.

Marina 0xp @ 22K/t (no limit)
Rowdy 0xp @ 15K/t
Spyke 0xp @ 20K/t
Bryan 0xp @ 7K/t
Kalindra 0xp @ 48K/t
Sah Brinak 0xp @ 13K/t
Ayah 0xp @ 9K/t
Shakra 0xp @ 20K/t
Mona 0xp @30K/t
Naele 0xp @9500/t
Cyb Lhia 0xp @ 3K/t

Jackie Cr 0xp @ 120K/t
Tanaereva Cr 0xp @ 200K/t

If any other offers, please post here or mp.

thanks for your help.

Everything will go through secure trade

Hi all
I wanna sell/trade my berserkgirl cr.
I think he is worth like 800k
Pm me your offer

Legnolax I'm sorry but I do not care cards 0XP

Sir B00BY sorry no

Hi smiley

I offer you :
Heegrn Cr 0 xp (9.5K)
C Wing 0 xp (6.5K)
Oflgn 0 xp (7.5K)
Dreadlash full xp (7.5K)
T GaanK 0 xp (3.5K)
2 Sekutor 0 xp (5.5K)

Total => 40K vs Dregn 0 xp
it's fear deal, Need only one Dregn 0 xp !

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