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saturday 16/11/2013

That's around 530k, obviously.
There is no difference for me between 0 xp and full except for the case when these 0 xp could be used (such as Yayoi, for example).
Also i am not really interested in numerous copies of cards except for Noctezuma.

In 10 hours i clos
e the post

Reine Cr 0xp - Reine Full xp + compliment in cash or cards

pm for offers/contact

Looking for:

Beltran Cr (182k)
Dwain Cr (160k)
Selsya Cr (182k)

Offering cash
Private sale

Pm offers plz

Good day, I'm selling or trading 2 Emeth Cr 0xp and Kalindra 0xp cr.
Clintz: (10 000 Less than the value of the market if buy 3)
Letters: Jackie Cr + 50k
Blaaster Cr + 105k
Lots of cards of equal value 0xp

Thaumaturge cr is full XP

friday 15/11/2013

I will report your last message smiley

Hello everybody! I sell kerozinn cr full (550k)

I search only cash and all in private sell

I accept:
CLINTA (-5% of market)
Jackie cr
Blaaster cr
cards (10k+)

Hy everybody,
i buy or trade all your Shifou Rolph and Draheera
mp me for big lots

Shifou => 3,4k
Draheera => 7,2k
Rolph => 10k

trade possible with cr or cards

I already have vickie cr ... i Need 600k Plus 30k or 20k in cards.

Only non cr please smiley
want to finish my non cr collection

New price 666 666 in clints and 680k in cards and playable crs smiley

I have 100 kawamashi cr 0xp all, in preference im looking for GraksmxxT `s 0xp or kolos `s 0xp, but im also hear other offers

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