tuesday 17/07/2012

Are you a Nyan Cat fanatic?
Do you want everyone to know?
Then the guild:1763438 guild is certainly for you!

All I ask of you is to be level 10 and up! I really need at least 2 more people in my guild! But I really want lots of people in my guild.


Casual Gamers!!! No Pressure! No Hype!

monday 16/07/2012

Are you a Nyan Cat fanatic?
Do you want everyone to know?
Then the guild:1763438 guild is certainly for you!

All I ask of you is to be level 10 and up! Join the Nyan Cat guild today! smiley


Guild:1757890 Is recruiting ONLY-CANADIAN members.
Our guild is a FARM GUILD for the GREAT WHITE NORTH, the top Canadian guild in Urban Rivals.
We're looking for MEMBERS UNDER 30, and feel free to join.
Ce n'est pas seulement une guilde anglaise, beaucoup de nos joueurs parlent en français!
Once you're above level 30, you have the choice of joining the Great White North, or staying.

Thanks Wicer smiley
anyways you can still see it at the right side on my name smiley

sunday 15/07/2012


For those who wish to be in a guild without feeling pressured to be "The Best" or "ELITE", and to be able to be yourself. Even though the description says for those of us from Canada who are stuck in the US, the only true requirements are the you be polite to other people and to stick with the choices you've made. For example, if it looks like you're going to lose a battle, see it through to the end don't quit, Also don't let the timer run out, that gets really annoying.

So thats the guild, hope you come anf have fun.

Looking for guild must speak english

friday 13/07/2012

Why aint anyone joining

4 messages

I'm trying to get a guild going. It would be nice to have you.

thursday 12/07/2012

Are objective is to recruit the best skilled players on urban-rivals.com if your not the best then you can join i guild and become better Elite players only you can contact me by sending me a message i'm am looking for managers of the guild. if you wanted to know if i'm ELITE of course check me out if you want invite me to a match add me do whatever you have to ,to find out let me tell you once again that were all looking for ELITE players only active its a fun guild we do lots of stuff we're trying to build the guild up but i need helpers , guild members , and managers. HIT ME UP MESSAGE ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE ONE AND ONLY ChancesMakesChampions*_* Guild.

Your guild already has a recruitment thread, please use it smiley


wednesday 11/07/2012

Come join alleyway heros

Were looking for new people

Join Black Operations

Are guild was just created recently and we are trying to expand to become known. We are a bunch of chill and laid back gamers willing to help with anything. Are guild messageboard is full of fun things to joke and laugh about. You won't regret choosing us. Please take a second to check us out:


Have a nice day smiley -Mathew

tuesday 10/07/2012

(REMINDER: The Bleusticks Protectors Guild is still accepting Filipino Urban-Rivals players only with Level experience of 10 or above.)

Chapter 4: The Joy Bringer - Part 1

While being chained from the peak of Clint city's highest mountain, Whirl Esta had set up a party for soldiers that would soon join the force of Bleusticks against the witches.

During the festive ceremony, bestfriends, Galvanor and Vultura, shared plans for their respective villages.

Both fighters of each floating haven were all delighted of unification.

In that evening, laughs swayed in the atmosphere as Dolphiro entertained everyone in a hall by his comedic acts. That was really fantastic and outrageous show giving them pure joy and good-luck charm for the upcoming battle.

After 84 years on Earth, Dolphiro displayed his final presentation. It was truly magical.

(You will be dearly missed Dolphy, The Philippine's King of Comedy. I'm gonna miss you a lot. Salamat po. Prayers.)

monday 09/07/2012

Wish you luck with this venture, hope you manage to get the necessary members

Your guild already has a recruitment thread, please use it smiley


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