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saturday 19/09/2020

Deal for bloodh send it over smiley

I buy all the No Nam you can offer for 9000/t
Trade possible for big qty

Thank you

That 200k is from my part, not the trader lol

I am trading 0xp for Mt, i put a Mts wishlist down.
Mts i want:
Jackie Cr
Dregn Mt
Pericles Mt
Ratanah Mt


friday 18/09/2020

Lots of another card same in mp smiley

I’m not looking anymore for Alec Mt

Still looking for Kerozinn Mt

Demande à Hedi il en a tout un régiment

Got them thanks

Possible Trades: (current market price)

2 ahnutt for 1 serafina + 650k
3 ahnutt for for 4 akrakk
2 ahnutt + 800k for 1 death adder
4 ahnutt for 10 sobek
1 ahnutt for X-Hares + 100k
4 ahnutt for 1 enigma + 1m
1 ahnutt for 2 m2 sansot

We can discuss the differences, just send me a pm if you wanna do trades. (all are possible multiple times.)

Cards don't have to be from 2006 to 2010 XD and it could be big lots of same cards .

will also take uncomon lots wisp me

Valhala has been traded with BB-Qzidann.

Hey guys im wanting to buy lots of Gwen (10k)

send them to my PS. ofc if you have many copies x100 x1000 etc ill pay abit more for them all.

Offer still up, send me a pm smiley

Looking to sell 2 times Behemoth CR for lots of commons from 2006 to 2010 but doesn't really matter as long as its big lots wisp me please .

Regards Grump

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