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tuesday 15/01/2019

Trade my kiki cr per Dj Korr Cr or any other offer

monday 14/01/2019

Saw this after I saw you closed the other one sorry! Up!

Current offer:

Cannibal Jo Cr
Bmappe Cr
600K Clintz

For your:

Dj Korr Cr

I trade my Ndololo Cr 0xp (3M) for your Xantiax Robb Cr (2,7M) + 300K clintz.

PM me if you are interested.

[CHANGE] I can pay 1.4kk

Lao Cr or
#marylsa cr
i can add 1m for #Marylsa cr smiley, let me know if interested

2 received 3 more to go.

Selling my Robb Cr 0xp for 570k.

Trading my Dj Korr Cr 0xp for Guru Cr any xp

491 187 my offer

sunday 13/01/2019

NO LOVE 0 XP 2100K
2 DA 0 XP 1500K
RAGE 0 XP 390K

Lamar Cr 0xp 5M

Looking for cash
Sum Sam Cr 0xp 5.5M (if you offer Sum Sam Cr I will add 1M cash to make this deal happen)
Open to other offers

I Sell 7 Comanche 0 xp 300K/T
Only cash

Thx smiley

Hello!! I am looking to trade or sell my Sum Sam Cr 0xp and Ombre Cr 0xp. I am interested in both cash and some other cards.
Do not hesitate to contact me

I am interested in the trade, plz check your mailbox, thanks.

As title, PM me if you interested.

Jakie cr 0xp?

I add 1 Cortez 0 Xp to the offer.

I trade my Jackie Cr 0 xp for your Caelus Cr 0xp or my Jackie full xp for your Caelus full xp.
Direct trade, no complements.
Pm me if you are interested.

Right now, it is January 13 7:31PM GMT+8 when I am typing this post.

This offer is valid until January 15 12:00PM GMT+8.
As long as you send me a PM before the stipulated time, I will consider your offers and help sort a deal, even if if it is after January 15 12:00PM GMT+8.

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