sunday 16/09/2018

DJ Korr traded. Please close post. Thanks!

saturday 15/09/2018

$490,000,000 vs 10 Zigal 0xp

I am looking for all xp Ivana

I value her at 2k per head.


I offer #general cr 0xp 15m + 9 Shinobi 0xp 1.8m + 1 Seldnor Cr 0xp 450k (17250k) for 1 Kiki Cr full xp

I buy invictus 13k to!

Hi i'm selling my Cannibal Jo CR for 10 800 000 Clintz

Hi guys I trade kiki 0xp +200k for Guru full or 0xp it doesnt matter

Trade my DA plus cash

Still Missing:

Cassio Cr 460,000
Thaumaturge Cr 730,000
Selsya Cr 900.000
Jim Cr 1,000,000
Ambrose Cr 1,300,000
Ombre Cr 1,600,000

friday 14/09/2018

That valuation for quetzal is pretty high he is currently at 636,000 at 0exp

Sorry, wrong forum smiley I'm creating a big chaos smiley

Blaaster Cr 0xp can be trade for Kalindra Cr or Jim Cr
Dwain Cr for Swidz Cr or thaumaturge cr. Adding 50k cr or clintz

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