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monday 14/10/2013

For cards or clints totalling up to 700k. All offers will be considered pm me.

Ciao a tutti,
allora ho queste carte per scambiare;
Copper full xp 30k
Coby full xp 20k
Sylth Cr full xp 37k
Shakra full xp 21k
Cerco Charlie 0xp 40k

Se interessati, scrivete.

Find I close

Hello to everybody i sell or trade my tessa cr 0exp that i value 670k

i'm interested to vickie cr 0exp+200k cash or in cr playables, i value also other offer

if you are interested contact me, i trade with secure trade


All vickie cr solded smiley

Voilà voilà wrong forum smiley

Hi everybody, today:

55 shifou 0xp 3.4k/h
25 redd cr full: 11,5k/h

in ps

trade possible with dregn 0xp (38k)

On public market to 1st buyer.

I have a Kiki Cr 0xp for 7.8mil or best offer.
Contact by pm or comment on this thread.

sunday 13/10/2013


i want to trad my Elya Cr O exp ------ 540 k vs Your Cr's :

- i accepte :

- Jackie Cr 140k .
- Caelus Cr ----- 112k .
- Robb Cr ---- 55k .
- Kenny Cr ----- 50k .
- Tessa Cr ---- 610 k
- Tanaereva Cr ------ 244 k
- Vickie Cr -------- 475 k
- Kerozinn Cr -------- 480 k
- Miss Twice Cr -------- 230k
- Kenny Cr -------- 49 k

- For Lot's Of Card's O exp Private me smiley

and think's .

Wrong section xD

Nobody want Miss Twice cr?

Finally got what I needed thanks guys smiley


I look for some marlysa cr 0xp, I value them for 1M250 each.

I can propose lots of cr's full from my collection, and some lots for cards 0xp smiley

Contact me in private message smiley

Trades will be done in secured trade smiley

Hi, I want to trade for a Marlysa Cr (price around 1200k)
I have one Lamar Cr (550k), one Kreen Cr (60k) and 550k clintz to trade for her, this makes 1160k.

If you are interested in this trade send me a pm.

Value her around 168k

Intersted in :
Ombre cr+ some compliment from me

I must apologise for my lack of activity regarding the offers made on here. In the middle of a house move. I have decided to accept an offer made via PM.

I will close this once the deal is done.

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