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tuesday 17/09/2013

Good luck, try posting on the french forum it's a lot more active then the english board.

Last offer at 21 : 53 : 59 gumi win with 2 caelus cr full + 134 k

I have 300,000 clintz even, and I would like an Ambrose Cr. Is there anyone who wants to sell?

monday 16/09/2013

What I want:

NBs, mostly rares (primarily: Kinichaw, El Divino, Mechakolos but need others too)

What I have to trade:

2x Marco Cr
2x Heegrn Cr
1x Uranus
1x Toro
1x Oraya
2x Chiara
1x Charlie
2x Yayoi
... and many, many Russels smiley

Can also work Clintz / other requested cards.

PM me if interested (WITH AN OFFER)!

Send me your offer on pw, i'll choose the best onesmiley
Don't care about his lvl and xp; maximum pay - 180k

Lyse + compliment

I'll give you lyse

and you are a very good player smiley

GL with this smiley

You can Buy 20 -20-.... card's

No thanks I'm looking for various bezerk , no doubles

This post is old i am closing

You don't have Elya to sell and you don't have enough clintz to buy her. The link refers to Bill

Lol True that xD
Please increase the price to 3500-3550(0xp) Mods.

Need 8 more Chad Bread Cr

I am looking for the following Cards:
Beeboy - 10k
Hindelga 8.8k
Reeve - 7.2k
Virginia - 7.5k
Mokra - 6.4k
Kephren - 5k
Zornado - 4.7k
Lucy - 4.4k
Nyema 4.4k

I have the follow cards to trade (all at 0xp)
Dregn - 33.5k
X-0DUS - 22k
Naginata - 7k
Ahkab - 12k
Shaakarti - 10k
Kinichaw - 9k
Elvis - 6k
Ayah - 5.5k
Ryuichi - 5.2k
C WIng - 5.5k
Kinjo - 5.2k

Write what you value him at please

Still selling..

sunday 15/09/2013

Looking to trade my guru Cr for 8,200,000 clintz

I'm interested in good crs like lamar jackie kero vickie lyse marlysa splata ... and cash

Not interested in:
lots of cards

Value Jackie Cr at 128 000 clintz

Looking for cards and/or clintz. Looking for these cards only...

Numar[full] - 29 500

Konrad[0xp] - 3 950

Yayoi[full] - 20 000

Ratanah[full] - 13 050

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