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tuesday 25/03/2014

Forgot to add: to unlock trade/buy/sell feature you must complete 1x purchase of Credits. Or complete 1x free offer worth 5 Credits or higher

ie. installing 5x 1 Credit offer = Market still locked / completing 1x 10 Credit survey = Market/trades opened

I am looking for:

Vickie Cr - 585k cash
Lamar Cr - 570k cash

In private sale

Tanaereva cr - current lowest price is 286k
tessa cr - current lowest price is 800k

i will require a reasonable compliment based on market prices. please no stupid offers

DJ Korr Cr - 8,9M Cash

Guru Cr - 8,5M Cash

Infi interested in my Ganx has got a sexual flavour smiley

monday 24/03/2014

What makes you think that? haha

Straight up trade. PM please

She got soldsmiley

Good luck! smiley



10x Meg 0xp 5900/each (= 59.000)

20x Meg full 4500/each (= 90.000)

Mainly looking for Clintz, but CRs and Cards > 20.000 Clintz are okay as well.

Pls send me your offers via PM

I also need 10 0 exp saki's for 14k per card. thanks.

Pure 575K.

Thank you

Hello, I have 40 Graven (full), and I would like to sell them each for 7.2K (which is the current market price at the time of this posting), or trade them for Tuck (0 exp). I would trade:

- 2 Graven for 3 Tuck (0 exp)
- 2 Graven for 1 Mokra (0 exp)
- Playable Cr's
- Clintz

Contact me if you are interested or would like to negotiate. Pm for faster response and thanks for your time!

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