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thursday 10/10/2013

Hello everybody smiley I sell 2 uranus 0xp (1 for 22k) and an Amiral Py cr (12k).

I search shann (12.5k), lady (18-19k) and cash.

You Can contact me here or on mp! Thanks smiley

Traded for 13 full graks with 0_jess

I buy also ALL COMMON collectors !

84999 clintz for it, no exceptions only clintz please smiley


I change my offer:
- Tanaereva Cr 0xp (240K)
- Blaaster Cr full (103K)
- Marco Cr 0xp (42K)
- Jackie Cr full (145K)

Total 530K

24 0 exp graks for your marly ?

I'm looking for a sylth cr too!!(35k)
Emeth cr full (45k)
7 konrad 0xp (35k tot)
50 quasichoco full (35k tot)
9 t gaank full (36k tot)

Add Jackie cr full 145k smiley

I sell jim Cr i have ombre cr now smiley

Mye.. your window of opportunity is closing...

wednesday 09/10/2013

Not sure why this showed up here and not in the french forum, sorry

Okay guys, im having competition at the price 850,000 Clintz!
Now its a good offer dont miss out!

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