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sunday 10/11/2013


Sorry no.

Making a deal, you may close this thread smiley


Don't think so Merlin, we have seen rass going up to 800K one year ago and drop down to 600K again, this is not a really researched card except for people who wants to go to divinity smiley

107k the kalindra

Hi guys i am looking to trade blaster i currently value him at 108000k in clints pm me offers
thanks for you cooperation mods

61 clintz left smiley

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saturday 09/11/2013

Traded one Kolos 0xp.
Keep'em coming!

I am interested in a huge lot of 5* cards with 0xp (no leaders).
Please message me or write bellow what you have so we can discuss the price. Thanks

Im looking for Nahi Cr or Thaumaturge Cr full xp

Noctezuma full
100k cash

security trade pm for contact

'' put all cards that you dont play on my secure trade and i will make a good offer '' --'

Hi all.

As the title suggests, I am looking to trade my 0xp Lao Cr specifically for Splata Cr (valued at full xp).

Splata Cr likes to fluctuate between 630-680k lately. I value him at 650k.

I value my 0xp Lao Cr at 700k. That being the case, I'm looking for an additional complement of 50k.

PM me if you are interested and we can negotiate the exact details. Thanks.

Max exp, make your offers quick pls

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
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friday 08/11/2013

Afternoon guys i have a blaster Cr value 112k in clints for trades ..
in looking for card lots or cards plus clints pm me
thanks for your cooperation mods

Done , thanks everybody for your kind attention

I close this .

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