monday 29/07/2013

Lookin for kerozinn cr plus best comp offer

Pm preferred

If you want something else instead just pm me I just thought this was fair cause gabrielle has always and will always be expensive is rare and is worth 600 clintz more at 0xp than mokra

I also have Lao Cr(0exp) for exchange

Revalue them at 8.2-8.5k depending on the size of the lot. Nahi Cr 0 xp is now gone.

What Crs do you have? I have 240 Anibal I Could trade at the right price.


Estim of shifou 0xp ? Uchtul 0xp deea 0xp and gisbon full ?

sunday 28/07/2013

As the title suggests I sell Flavio Cr 0 exp for at least 580,000 clinz or cr as Vickie Cr, Lamar Cr, Jackie Cr, Cr Tanaereva, Caelus Cr and Cr Kerozinn.
If you are interested please contact me in private.

Only serious offers...

Clintz ---> Market please.

Looking for other cr's like Tanaereva Cr, Nahi Cr, Jackie Cr, Lamar Cr, Splata Cr and maybe some unplayables like Beltran Cr.

I will add a compliment for those over the value of Vickie Cr.

Please pm me with offers.

Marlysa Cr gone glad doing business with yousmiley

Or i'll add 1 more card.

Forgot to mention that it's lv5 and I don't really mind what level the Dagg would be at

Selling Robb Cr 0xp for 57,000 clintz

Title sorta says it all, I'm looking to trade my full-xp dragan and 0xp splata for a full xp splata, full xp mechakolos, and 700k ctz. Private messages will speed things up, the offer is first come/first serve, and I am not accepting other offers.

I sure would like to get a Mechakolos. Might anyone have 1 they're trying to sell for a bit less than market?

saturday 27/07/2013

Straight across for smokey cr any xp

C- 63k
S- 60k

3k profit for anyone who wants to trade pm me

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