saturday 10/08/2013


I buy Raven 0 xp 10 000 clintz head
Mokra 0 xp : 6000 clintz
Dreadlash 0 xp : 650 clintz

I have also Vickie Cr vs 45 Raven 0 xp and more
mp me if you have bulk 0 xp !

You can add marco, jackie, and grax to the list of cards I'll accept in bulk. smiley

I want to trade combinations of shifou oxp 3.5k each treeman oxp 700 or uranus oxp 23.5k

for a kinichaw 19.5k.

asking for clintz comp if wanting uranus.

pms work best.

Okay ill do it gumi set it up when your online again smiley

Thanks but I do not need bulks, I would like trade them for other Cr's

friday 09/08/2013

Ndololo cr + splata cr


I'd like to trade my guru cr 0xp (8 020 000) vs your guru cr full xp (8 000 000)

i ask for a small complement , around 20K cash or 22K in cards.

Pm me if u are interested , thanks

We will trade using the "safe trade"

I'm also buying Sue for 160 clintz/head and Mcarthur for 130 clintz/head.

Thanks smiley

Oh, thanks) russian community are so slow)

I have clintz, Marly, Tessa, Splata, Lamar, Vickie, Jackie, Marco etc. to offersmiley

PM me smiley

Korr traded smiley Also trading my Kiki cr for playable cr's + clintz smiley

Buying cheap Swidz & Chad Bread smiley

I want to trade my 0xp sigmund Cr + 120k for a full xp Splata cr.

Sorry for that,

Yookie: 940 clints
Jeto: 190 clints
Craho: 240 clints


115 Gertjan - 215 clints

thursday 08/08/2013

Mechakolos 36500 clintz or trade for Lizbeth
Miss Lizbeth 6000clintz
Klawz 2500 clintz
Katan (x2) 2500clintz each
Magenta 830 clintz
Shaakarti (x2) 11000 clintz each
Tgnaak 3920 clintz

All cards are on market, pm me offers buy two cards and get a discount on the 3rd (%2)


Send Private sales to me. I'll take as many as my clintz account can handle, first come first serve.


Lyse has gone ... smiley

Thread closed, thank you smiley

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