saturday 27/07/2013

400k now in secure exchange, want to get rid of them. Please send more offers B)

Hi..i want uranus to change with my coby + clintz

Hi!, trade my marlysa cr 0xp for marlysa cr full + complement smiley

Fei is gone. Still looking for El Matador, La Cobra, and Gatuchica.

Interested in your jackies. PM me if you're still interested in trading or selling

Still looking and I can easily wait on PS till its fixed im in no rush, not really hurting to buy anything this second smiley

180 clintz each?

Selling tsubame for 37000 clintz or trading for kalindra pm me for her or any other offers

friday 26/07/2013

45 Jackie cr 0xp

I have an offer with 42 jackie cr 0xp

PLEASE use the Strategy and TActics: General forum for this topic smiley

Just one smiley
220K for the last one smiley

Du hast deutsch geschrieben ... das ist in den englischen Foren gelandet smiley


The title says it all, I'm looking to acquire a marlysa for an event I plan on hosting in a bit. In return for marlysa (valued at one million two hundred thousand clintz), I can offer five hundred thousand clintz and a fully experienced dragan (valued at seven hundred thousand clintz). Private messages will speed things up, and all other offers outside this will be ignored. smiley

thursday 25/07/2013

Hello everybody,

I search Marlysa Cr 0xp. For this beautifull lady, I trade Tessa Cr 0xp + Ombre Cr 0xp + Ambrose Cr 0xp + 15 Heegrn Cr 0xp.

Hope I will find an offer.. Thank´s ! smiley

It's negotiable, just start with a high prize and wait for a trial smiley

Got one, thanks smiley

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