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wednesday 06/11/2013

Cards 3* 0xp 250/head or level 2 0xp

Trading my 0xp mod signed kenny for a robb + 5k clints in secure trade, pm offers or just set up the secure trade

I value her 0xp as 40k and full as 38k (interested in both)
I have
1x Zatman 0xp (27k)
2X Dorian 0xp (19k)
1X Lady 0xp (22k)
2X Dregn 0xp (40k)
2X hefty 0xp (11k)
3X kazayan 0xp (14k)
2X Maurice 0xp (8k)
2X El Divino 0xp (24k)

send me offers, I have many lower-value uppers and Vortex cards and many full cards you may ask about (and please do)

Lol i guess Soleil Cr's tanman, tessa, lamar, and marly if anyone has one for 1.25 pm me

Done. Can be closed, thank you.

tuesday 05/11/2013

Not sure why you didn't bid that on my topic earlier, you'd have won it...
Good luck though!


Full xp.
Willing to trade both + complement for a Caelus Cr.

I need 1 more 0exp noctezuma.
Also i am selling yoshida 0exp for 6600 dagg 0exp for 14k and graksmxxT 0exp for 39k

Hi, i buy all 0 xp cards for 50 till maybe 200 above normal price.
Im mostley only able to play hangar no pills since it doest require much attentionsmiley
Help a fella out and pm me smiley


Keep them in my PS for 215/each

Hi guys,

I'm looking for Mona 0xp for 26K/u
please mp to discuss, I have lots of cr and cards to trade smiley


Also interested in Robb Cr 0xp

Hello to everybody i sell or trade my marlysa cr full that i value 1.4M

i accept:

cr playables like jackie cr 150k, tanaereva cr 250k, etc etc

i value all offer, and i trade with secure trade

if u are interested contact me


Anybody there who wants to trade his Splata Cr for my Lao Cr 0 XP?

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