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wednesday 11/09/2013

Why doesn't Marty cost 500 clintz yet? Missions man...

I value your daddy jones at 6.25 each
No thanks Cyber smiley
Hoatzin I value your Windzy's @ 649 each

tuesday 10/09/2013

Hi all, i'm gonna keep it short and i'm not gonna give any valuations since i'm only interested in one card for my 15 Saki 0xp: the bearded, shiny-bald, yet very powerfull caelus cr
So , trade:
-me : 15 saki 0 xp
-you : caelus cr 0xp only!
Thank you!


I Search Vickie Cr.
I can give 456k cash.

If you Interested please pm me =)

We also speak a lot of the little languages that don't have their own translation. Examples include:
Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Hungarian, broken English, Internet troll, Drunk, and Chicken.

I can give for your Vickie Cr 454k~

I don't have 1 I need 1.....But hey sir b00by can udo me a favor???

Update: Got Splata Cr too.

Looking for : copper , Chloe and havok

Still looking

willing to change offer a bit in clintz if you pm me

Looking for 2 graksmxxt

Pm me if interested

Looking to trade my Ahkab for your Kazayan.

Please set up a private trade if you are interested.

monday 09/09/2013

Am asking for offers on a lot of 1000 Marty 1200/u in Crs, lot cards or Clintz
will accept bulk lots of kawamashi Cr kalindra Cr, or emeth Cr. other Cr's send me a private message with requests. Offers also may be further discounted if you express interest up to 100,000 clintz off the total value if negotiations are swift.smiley

Thanks staff

Revise offer 1000 marty at 1200 ea trade or clintz

Thanks! Trade to be done soon so closing this thread smiley

Tanaereva Cr [220k]
227k cash
Shann [13k]
Bodenpower [5k]

vorrei scambiare queste carte per i due in titolo
Mechakolos x4 20k ciascuno = 80k per Tsubame x2 0xp 40k ciascuno
Pandagran x3 6k ciascuno= 18k
Kinichaw x3 9k ciascuno= 27k
Rad x1 5,5k
Oflgn x3 6k ciascuno= 18k
per Ongh x2 0xp 35k

PS: tutte le mie carte sono 0xp
Sè interessatti contattatemi.

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