tuesday 21/05/2013

I am looking for a DJ Korr Cr (regardless xp) I estimated 12M

For that I offer:
1500 Eebiza 0XP (6.5 k / head)
+ 11 Cr Tanaereva 0XP (205k/tête)

= 12M005

All in secure trade

monday 20/05/2013

Why do you think we are all speaking English at you? smiley

Asking for 100k, or the equivalent value in CRs. Caelus, Sylth, Dalhia, Veenyle are ones in particular I'd like.

Dude anibals are 2.7k full and 2.9k 0xp

It does with quite a few

I buy her for 430 clintz in my ps smiley

5.000.000 millions pure cash

Ql Leviatonn

As the title suggests I buy full Vickie Cr and 292k in exchange for cash (308k would be but thanks to kate decrease) and almost 100k in cards (Kolos, Charlie, Kerry etc) so I'm just about 400k in total

I am interested in Blaaster Cr, and am willing to exchange other cads cr and if the difference in giving clints
Following is the list of cards available:
dalhia Cr
Robb Cr
Edd Cr
Veenyle Cr
Kawamashi Cr
Noodile Cr


I'm looking to trade Lamar Cr + cards or clints for Tessa Cr

I am trading:
Vickie Cr
Lamar Cr

Looking for:
Sylth Cr
Jane Ramba Cr
Kenny Cr
Dalhia Cr
Robb Cr
Smokey Cr

Hi all,

I'd like to trade mi lamar cr 0xp (435k) for other cards (I don't care if they are 0xp or not). I leave you a list of what I'm interested in:

jim cr (260k)
Jackie cr (115k)
caelus cr (105k)
blaaster cr (76k)
dalhia cr (45k)
sylth cr (35k)
kenny cr (40k)
ongh (37k)
dregn (35k)
kalindra (40k)

I'm not interested in mega-packs of 10 kenny cr for example, only 2 copies of each card max. I'm also not interested in unplayable Crs. If you have any cards that are not in the list to fill the offer, if they worth more than 25-30k I may accept them, but there should be at least 3-4 cards of the list so I consider your offer.smiley

Thanks smiley

If you really interessed, the prices in market are complemented in clintz.

Sent MP.


sunday 19/05/2013

All cards are gone

I changed my mind. I don´t want to trade him anymore. smiley

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