tuesday 23/07/2013

Sharif and myeltd what about the middle way??...for 10 hammer i give you 10k


Close pls, ty.

You value a lot of 55 jackie cr 0exp at 121k each. you are never going to get a trade....


200 Tina 0xp 900/u

Looking for:
- Cash
- Crs (jane ramba, marco, jim)
- Lots 0xp (Sekutor, Rowdy, Bristone)


Nobody interested to guru ?

Just as the title suggests,I am trading my Copper full xp for your Coby full xp + 5k.
PM Mesmiley

Hi everybody
i want to sell my haaken 0xp
but here, it s a little bit special : more you buy, more it s cheaper smiley
my estimation :
1 haaken 0xp : 5,800 (u can buy directly on the market
10 haaken 0xp : 5,600/u
100 haaaken 0xp : 5,300/u
500 haaken 0xp : 5,000/u

Tell me what u want by PM and i ll send u

Everything by private sell if u pay with only cash
i can accept some playable cr like caelus cr 0xp (100K) & more... smiley

I value the whole lot at 250k.

Only looking for clintz and these cards:
1) Jackie Cr full/0 xp
2) Dalhia Cr 0 xp
3) Diana 0 xp
4) Wee Lee 0 xp
5) Lou 0 xp

All transaction by secure trade. I will over value clintz by an extra 2.5%.

(SELL) NDololo Cr (639777) Market Value 10k less, thank you

Lvl 21 with only 10 cards and one is Dragan CR o.O seems legit, Ill offer you a Tessa Cr for a Dragan Cr equal trade.

120 Lulabee ( 105 0xp) for 8k each in private sale

or trade for Crs :

- Lamar Cr 450k/460k
- Kerozinn cr 420k/450k
- Vickie cr 420k/500k
- Tanaereva cr 200k/205k
- Jackie cr 125k/135k
- Caelus Cr 100k/105k

For trade we will pass by secure trade

Or send me a mp ! Thx

You are rightsmiley
My mistake.

725k on market, you can try to give me "better" offer

Close plz mods

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