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monday 04/11/2013

Looking for Tessa Cr 0xp 750k also, just in case i don't get any of the mentioned ones.

E still have that Tessa =)
Price is negotiable smiley

Hello everyone

As the title says I want to buy 10 Gibson 0xp 3.5k each
Put them directly in my PS if you're interesed

Thank you! smiley

Hello all

I want buy 5* 0xp for 1250/T

Thanks smiley

Card is sold

I have cr's and lots of playable cards almost all are 0 exp here's an example offer for your dj korr cr full xp
135 Dorian
30 chiara
10 graks
6 kreen
12 slyth
25 heegrn
20 Leviatonn
20 Uranus
12 Caelus Cr
420k cash
total 8.6m
> > > all are 0 exp

I can offer jakie cr + 30k + lots in cards like el gringo etc

Selling caelus cr 0xp for 135k
pm me

Reserve price not met

I don't request too much for compliment. Trade will be made by ST.

sunday 03/11/2013

Oh and I forgot
I also have
26x shifou Oxp 3.8 each
&& 800k in Clint's to add to any trade

How many left

Hey guys!
I'm looking for some fiery ladies, 2k8, directly in my ps.
Let's go :3

My 0xp for your full plus a little compliment. Compliment can be negociable.

Thanks mods smiley

5 Bree sold, 25 oEXP remains.

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