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tuesday 01/10/2013

I am looking for other cr's and rares

I have
Rass cr 0xp 715k
84x Leviatonn 0xp 17k each
Geuner cr 0xp 84k
That's all for now I'll update the list later

Pm with offers smiley

I want to trade my splata cr for some jackies blaasters or caelus
splata 660k
jackie 143k
blaaster 105k
caelus 115k

monday 30/09/2013

Hello All ,

Im Trading My Serena For A Steve . . . I Have A Full And 0xp You May Choose From smiley

Please Message Me For A Faster Response Thank You All smiley

I'll trade my Geuner CR 0xp for full with a small extra from you. It can be 5k or a 4k card. Please pm me if interested.

Charlie 35k or cards total 36k. Please pm

110k and its yours smiley

Got Lamar CR for 400k on market smiley
now just Kerozinn CR needed.

Geuner Cr 0 exp your prize is 92k 1º prize 0 exp in the market is 93 or 94k
Nahi Cr 0 exp your prize 174k 1º prize 0 exp in the market is 177k
I don't acept
Contacte me in message private thanksmiley

I am trading 2 zatman 0xp which i value at 27k per head for robb cr *estimated at 51k.) or 5 0xp rhed cr or any other cr under 50k with a complement to equal 52k. send offers via ps

27x Leviathon Oxp and geuner cr Oxp 80k

My dwain is 0 exp 175is full ignorantsmiley

I'm offering x3 graksmxxt

I want :
Caelus cr

Full xp wanted

Pm me if interested


sunday 29/09/2013

Also your better sending me PMs if you want a faster response.

Tabasco Fire
El Zombino
El Divino how much?

Also Have An Edd Cr And Kenny Cr As Replacements smiley

You can close the trade

The Kawa were changed long time ago. If you are interessed I call you in pm who has the most of...

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