monday 22/07/2013

everything is on the title:

the trade is ; my guru cr 0xp(8m) vs your guru cr full xp (7,985M) + 15k cash

we will trade through "safe exchange "

Thank you

I want to trade My kiki cr 0xp for your kiki cr full xp + 50 000 Clintz.

It will be made by secure trade.

Buying luke

0xp : 150 clintz
full xp : 102 clintz

Put in PS
Any amount of these card smiley as much as you want but more that 100 pices then have to trade smiley

I want a dj korr,and offer my kiki cr and 600k smiley thaanks

I have one set in the works. want another will trade the same but add 1.5k clintz to your offer. pm me if you are interested.

LOT 1) 10 ward hg- 279 ctz/ card
LOT 2) 30 ward hg- 277 ctz/ card
LOT 3) 50 ward hg- 275 ctz/ card
LOT 4) 70 ward hg- 273 ctz/ card
LOT 5) 100+ ward hg- 271 ctz/ card

I have 35+ ward hg 0 xp and rest of copy full xp...if u are interested PM mesmiley
P.S: u cam buy a single lot of card because maybe somebody bought then before u smiley

Welcome to S+K+Y+P+E: alice dot k38 to explore the value of high-quality cards ^ ^

No one? smiley

Sell all kinds of high-end card. pm mesmiley

What do you value your Rolph 0xp?
It will help you get your trade more quickly.

Sold Jim sorry.

Selsya Cr + 5k for 9 Marina

Hello I sell lamar Cr full 440'000 vp. Only cash.
Negociable .

sunday 21/07/2013

Title says it all: I have a fully-experienced dragan cr, and looking to trade it for a fully-experienced kerozinn cr and 300k in clintz via secure trade. All offers outside of this will be ignored, and private messages will speed things up.

I'll take all for 99k.

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