monday 05/08/2013

Lyse Teria Cr + 899 899 Clintz for your Guru Cr

My 0exp graks for your Charlie or give me your own deal.

Buying Anita for 1800. Just pm me.

I'm selling 8 cortez full (34k/head).

I'm looking for playable cr and cards +10k smiley

Your original post is stil open, please use it. Only the amount of Titsouk's you have left has changed smiley

You can close, I got everything. Thanks mods.

sunday 04/08/2013

I offer 55k via ps smiley
i only need one smiley

Put them on the market!

Wanna sell my jim Cr 205k full

I am interested:

- Caelus Cr(full)
- Blaaster Cr (full)
- Jackie Cr (full)
- Cards +10k
- Clitzs


It is okay smiley I'm a man of words. Congratz Trippie.

Are you interest into 217x Mylka 0xp ? Look at market.

Murray 0 xp in 800/h in my pv thank's smiley


Sal. Closed thank you

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