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saturday 01/03/2014

Jokes man, learn the rules IL TRIVELLA

Hi everyone ,

Devil Dog 0xp : 9 750/each.
In my private sales.

PM for info and big lots.

friday 28/02/2014

Lol someone got it thanks

New prizes:
- Dj Korr Cr: 7.9M
- Kiki Cr: 7.7M
- Guru Cr: 7.7M

I trade my lot of 200 el divino 0xp (32k each).

I look for the following (any xp):

Vermaire (13k each)

oxo (1,7k each)

tameshi (3,1k each)


Also looking for Spyke's
full xp: 23k
0xp: 26.5k

11k per head in private sale. I only need 15. If you have more though, feel free to PM me after selling me 15. smiley

I am selling a charlie 0xp for 60k.
lowest on the market at 0xp is 67k
pm me if interested
(wont go any lower than 60k)

No more copies left smiley

Few offers on market for both characters

9 Ngraths (2 0xp) - 18K

6 Qorahs ( for 13.3k)

28500 is little less i guess.........

thursday 27/02/2014

Splata Buy , Thanks and Sorry for Two Posts

Hi man i search 10 dregn 0xp (62k) in ps i pay only CA$H


I value my cortez 0xp 61000 in looking for bulks of scotty-dolly-sue-Dr norton-Larry pm me for fast response

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