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thursday 27/12/2018

I'm interested in sigmund Cr

wednesday 26/12/2018

I am looking for cannibal joe cr, any xp , this is what i have to offer!

im interested in your cannibal joe. if you don't find anyone to trade for it.

I will offer
ndololo cr (3.6 m) 0 xp
caelus cr (1.8 m) full xp
marylsa cr (4 m) 0 xp
ymirah cr (2 m) full xp

Hi im exchanging my #Cannibal Jo Cr 0 xp (12M) For #Cannibal Jo Cr full (11.4k) + complement 500k

Hi, i offer my Kerozinn Mt 0xp (7,2kk) for your B Mappe Cr (7,2kk). Pm

Up. Last Day

tuesday 25/12/2018

I am looking for up to 3 Cannibal Jo's, preferably 0xp.
I have to 236 Slades available to trade for Cannibal Jo, as well as 6m cash to add onto the value to even out the trade.
Pm me if interested

73x Fullxp, 163x 0xp
0xp for 190k, fullxp willing to lower

I sell my little guru cr 0 xp 17,5 M or trade for carts...looking for manon mt,dragan mt,no love,cash...
pm smiley

I have a ndololo, i will take you up on that offer

I have a stryker and bloodh both full xp, looking to trade for 1 cr or other cr's of equal value

monday 24/12/2018

Nero obtainned.
Still need Moukrok 0 xp

I offer any combination that will match his price Cortez, Bogdan, Sobek, Slade, Karrion, Bengal, Koshiro, Trish, Scylla, Bruno, El Factor . All 0 xp

3x ratanah 0xp
2x spyke 0xp
1x graks 0xp

Pm me offers ty smiley

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