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wednesday 25/03

Trade success with >> Brolly_
Thanks for helping. I will help u next time! smiley

tuesday 24/03

Hello i buy merweiss cr for 1.3 mill clintz.

I would like to trade my 0 exp Akrakk for card or cards with have similar value.
If you are interested write PM.smiley

I trade my Manon Mt full (valued at 20M) for your Tanaereva Mt (valued at 5.5M) and your Cannibal Jo Mt (valued at 12.5 million).

The difference between the two parts is 2M, so I ask for a 2M add-on. All full cards.

Interested, contact me by private messaging.

Thank you!

monday 23/03

2M35 now

If you add 2m to the deal we can do it, in your case it's a bit funny

Emeth Cr - 300k
A Award Cr - 270k
Mona Cr - 265k
Cassio Cr - 200k

Traded for Blaaster Cr

Hi I have DJ Korr Cr 0xp and I’m looking to get the full version with a compliment. Please Pm me

sunday 22/03

1 messages

50k and y sell 2

Hello, I have 1 Robb Mt 0xp and wanna trade it for 1 of the folowing cr's:
Merweiss Cr 0xp
Lamar Cr 0xp+100k
Tessa Cr 0xp
Caelus Cr 0xp+100k
If you have different offer just pm me smiley

All 0xp, I am looking for clintz primarily. PM for fastest reply!

Hi I have both Lyse Teria Mt and DJ Korr Cr 0xp and I’m looking to get the full versions and for a combination of the following for comp:


Pm me offers for quicker response.

Trade Akrakk 0 xp.

Looking mainly for Ymirah(I pay the diference).
But i am opened for other cards.

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