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sunday 22/09/2013


Will close the Topic

Is already reserved for 1 future buyer.

thanks... smiley

saturday 21/09/2013

I will pay you Tax too
Example : Marina 17K (Tax = 850ctz) i will pay you 17.850

Not enough

Lotto di 31 brianna tutte 0xp a 7k/l'una
cerco principalmente cash pari al 40% del totale e in più cr come sylth36k kenny42k robb45k alec163k dalhia53k blaaster 85k veenyle 19k edd 21k
scambio solo con scambio sicuro
no perditempo, lamentele di prezzo e altre cose varie.
grazie moddini!!

I offer for tessa cr: vickie cr (460k) + dalhia cr (55k)+ 40k + ongh (35k)+ 5 russel 0 exp (7k) + 3 azel 0 exp ( 4,5k)

For dragan cr i offer another cards smiley

Contact mesmiley

Sorry i have wrong forum!! closed!!

Sell 2 Kalindra Cr 0xp for 60k/each
ST and PS taxes, at your expense


Im buying Kalindra CR. I wanted to buy this a long time ago but i didn;t have money. Now that I got money, it became cr. smiley I only have around 45000. Hope that someone will be kind enough to sell me one smiley

All character full xp

friday 20/09/2013

Please state exactly what price you are looking to sell each of those cards for as well as the xp smiley

Complement down to 150k

Found one a few days ago
Thread can be closed

Just level them up, or give it to one of your guildies or me to level up!

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