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thursday 31/10/2013

Done please close

Sell or change ( search Zatman )
Linda full (2200)
Zinfrid 0 xp (2800)
Grudj full (4500)
Askai full (2500)
Emeth Cr full (42500)
Avola 0 xp (6700)
Dagg 0 xp (13000)
thanks you

I bought a ambrose cr yesterday in private sell but its not in my collection ..... but it shows in my purchase histry that i bought it ..... please help me mod in this matter ....

I would like at least 600k

pm me

edited by ArtemisBZ thursday 31/10/2013, 03:45

Hello I have 3 x Willy for sale. 2 star 0XP (completely unused at all)

The price is 12300 clintz EACH

However I am willing to negotiate with a serious buyer.

Please send me an e-mail

wednesday 30/10/2013

I have a tabasco fire 0xp

Anyone? pretty good prices here

Still looking,
raise to 850k

Lamar Cr
Kerozinn Cr - 40k
Alec Cr + Tanaereva Cr + Caelus
Splata Cr - 100k
Different deals.

Would like an Elya Cr full xp.
Will offer 515k in cash, but may do other offers if you wish.

PM me for a quicker reply.

You already have one thread open about the same cards:

This thread; Closed.

16 Stompah
12 Beeboy 0xp
88 Randal full
250 Roger 0xp
76 Madelone Full
I want to trade all of this for vickie cr, jackie cr , tan man and caelus cr

I pay 20k nowsmiley

Change my Tanaereva cr, I look for Jackie cr,Dorian,Zatman,Graks and what remains you add the remainder you.

Trading my 0xp kenny for any xp robb

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