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monday 26/08/2013

This is a sale, not an auction smiley

As the title says i buy lot of sabia prices changes by number of card, max 750 once.
Pm me smiley

As the title says, I would like to exchange dj korr cr full xp (price: 9.5 M) with one of these offers:

- Kiki cr + 1M;
- General cr + 1.5 M;
guru-cr + 1.5 M

complements can be clintz, cards, as long as you are offering exactly as I am asking.

thanks staff

EDIT: made it make sense smiley

edited by Sir B00BY monday 26/08/2013, 09:02

For your convenience during the downtime of the Secure Trade system, I can moderate any trades. PM me the trade and send me cards from both parties and I will gladly do the trades for you safely smiley

Wrong sub-section, no tags, and bad grammar. Three thumbs down, again!

sunday 25/08/2013

i would like to exchange the following cards for their 0xp version
C beast x2 full 4k, 0xp 4k (if not mistaken)
C wing x2 full 5,5k, 0xp 6k
Cyb lhia x1 full 3,4k, 0xp 4k
Dregn x1 full 33k, 0xp 35k
Heegrn x1 full 9k, 0xp 9,5k
Oflgn x2 full 5,5k, 0xp 6k
T gaank x1 full 4k, 0xp 4k

Do PM if interested.
Thank you.

Ok, I'll sweeten it with an additional 10,000. If not, then I'm keeping Vickie Cr.

A lady + 1000 clintz for a marina ?

540 titsouk full xp left for sale @ 450 ea.

Please state the price you would like to pay for each Dugan (or for a bulk number of Dugan). Also if you have any particular interest in 0xp or full xp smiley

Please state which cards you are looking for, as well as a price in which you would like to buy them. This will help you, and the seller, negotiate and save time smiley

saturday 24/08/2013

I want to trade my 0xp cards for your full + compliment.

Leviatonn 0xp -> Leviatonn + 1k clintz
Lin Xia 0xp -> Lin Xia + 800 clintz
Rolph 0xp -> Rolph + 800 clintz
Toro 0xp -> Toro + 500 clintz
Z3r0 D34D 0XP -> Z3R0 D3RD + 500 clintz
XU 52 0XP -> XU 52 + 1000 clintz

Chloe 0XP -> Chloe + 300 clintz
Coby 0xp -> Coby + 1k clintz
Havok 0XP -> Havok + 500 clintz
Hawk 0xp -> Hawk + 750 clintz
Melvin 0XP -> Melvin + 1k clintz
Miss Chloe 0XP -> Miss Chloe + 300 clintz

PM for a fast response.
Thanks smiley

Je voudrai échanger mon 0xp cartes contre ton cartes full.


Mon Leviatonn 0XP contre ton Leviatonn + 1k clintz
Mon Lin Xia 0XP contre ton Lin Xia + 800 clintz
Mon Rolph 0xp contre ton Rolph + 800 clintz
Mon Toro 0xp contre ton Toro 0XP + 500 clintz
Mon Z3r0 D34D 0XP contre ton Z3r0 D34d + 500 clintz
Mon XU 52 0xp contre ton XU 52 + 1000 clintz.


Mon Chloe 0XP contre ton Chloe + 500 clintz
Mon Coby 0XP contre ton Coby + 1000 clintz
Mon Havok 0xp contre ton Havok + 500 clintz
Mon Hawk 0xp contre ton Hawk + 750 clintz
Mon Melvin 0xp contre ton Melvin + 750 clintz
Mon Miss Chloe 0xp contre ton Miss Chloe + 300 clintz

Envoi un mp pour une reponse vite
Merci beaucoup et bon jeu smiley

Just put any treeman you have for sale in my PS for 510 clintz. I dont mind about the xp. Same price for 0xp. If you got bulks we can have a talk sometime xD smiley

friday 23/08/2013

Got one, thx

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