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sunday 15/09/2013

Value Jackie Cr at 128 000 clintz

Looking for cards and/or clintz. Looking for these cards only...

Numar[full] - 29 500

Konrad[0xp] - 3 950

Yayoi[full] - 20 000

Ratanah[full] - 13 050

As the title says, I have 2 Skullface CR 0XP for trade/sell.

I am looking at CR's like Blaaster CR, Jackie CR, Alec CR, plus some difference on your part.

For sale, it would be 198 000 clintz.

PM with offers if interested.

Wrong tags are used. Not allowed to post auction link on forum. Thread closed.

Link for all to Elya Cr.

Please state the xp of the card as well smiley

edited by Cyber sunday 15/09/2013, 12:08

Still looking! smiley

I would like to trade a lot of 100 0 xp Yoshida (I estimate the lot at 790k) for one of the following CRs.
I will trade the lot 1 on 1 for either:
Shawoman Cr
Armanda Cr

I will take into consideration offers for ndolo CR and Rass Cr. (complement required)

Feel free to post in the updates thread for any changes or modifications. if you simply want to remove then let me know smiley

saturday 14/09/2013


I am looking for a full version of several Crs that I will trade for my 0xp version + clintz.

Kiki Cr 0xp for Kiki Cr full + 25K
Lao Cr 0xp for Lao Cr full + 12K
Elya Cr 0xp for Elya Cr full + 12K
Cassio Cr 0xp for Cassio Cr full + 4K
Shawoman Cr 0xp for Shawoman Cr full + 12K
Dragan Cr 0xp for Dragan Cr full + 12K
Melissa Cr 0xp for Melissa Cr full + 8K
Rass Cr 0xp for Rass Cr full + 12K


Just put them in my PS, ill buy it asap

Come on guys smiley
2850/each now xD

Yeah 1.1mil

Sold for 1,1M cash + 2 graksmxxT 0exp smiley
can be closed ...

My offer:

Caelus Cr (110k) + Nahi Cr (165k) + 800k Clintz

Pn me when you´re interesting.

Looking to sell/ trade these lot

4x derby queen oxp -1600 for all
1x oxp el gascaro 1700
4x oxp el kaktus 800 for all
1x el mercurio 1200
4x el zombino 1840 for all
5x gatuchica 1200 for all

total value: 8340 clintz

sales will be done in private sales
cards i am intresed in; PLAYABLE frozn and junks

total value of

I think Kate buys at a higher price than you do. You might want to consider increasing your offer.

friday 13/09/2013

Please pm me prices for all cards so I can update the thread. Need prices on all cards you are trading as well as the price of each t gaank smiley

could u explain me what s wrong with u ?

I´ll buy your Zapatino´s and Shazam´ssmiley
Zapatino : 325 Clintz each and Shazam : 275 Clintz each !

Just put those Cards in my private Sellsmiley

Looking for: Guru Cr full or Dj Korr Cr Full
Offer please.

Theyre 0 xp, and Im looking for the full version+x, make offers for the x please.

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