wednesday 03/07/2013

I'll buy the first few in my private sales preferably under 300

I believe your valuation of mokra is too low. I have been buying mokra 0xp lots for 5.5k-6.0k. Anyway best of luck.

tuesday 02/07/2013

Besides the lovely trolls from my guild. I did not know chimpanzZzZzeezZzZz were allowed to post in here. :o

If you pay just a bit attention to my post iStated that the price is the one of the market or close to it. There you go. Volia. kktyqqBB. Next one please. smiley

No thanks.

Anyone else got any offers?

Miss Twice Cr are 200000 again smiley

Ambrose Cr for the link.

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I close this subject !!

I have one vickie cr 0 exp!
i wrote you in pm smiley

Tanaereva cr= 190 k
I offer 6* Marina=6*21k=126K


I sell or trade mu 7 Blaaster Cr 0xp, i prefer cash, i value a blaaster cr for 95k/ unit

i looking for terry cr, Chikko Cr , Jane Ramba Cr , Sylth Cr, Kreen Cr, raven, bogdan. I dont want lots of cards!!!

Thank you for your support the deals have been made, Till ext time! Bwa!ha!ha!ha!

C'mon bro' smiley if i take this, we trade together fore vickie smiley

Flavio cr for 570k clintz

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