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saturday 10/08/2013

More cards! Sale updated!! Any cards u wanna see @ 10% off? Post it here ill see if i got it. ( cheap cards ofc)

I want to trade my kerozinn cr 0exp with kerozinn cr full + complement.


Florida jane are sold smiley

The new price of konrad are 4400/head smiley

Both are full xp btw!!

I'm selling my Charlie for 50k (price is negotiable) pm if you're interested. Thanks! smileysmileysmileysmiley


I buy Raven 0 xp 10 000 clintz head
Mokra 0 xp : 6000 clintz
Dreadlash 0 xp : 650 clintz

I have also Vickie Cr vs 45 Raven 0 xp and more
mp me if you have bulk 0 xp !

You can add marco, jackie, and grax to the list of cards I'll accept in bulk. smiley

I want to trade combinations of shifou oxp 3.5k each treeman oxp 700 or uranus oxp 23.5k

for a kinichaw 19.5k.

asking for clintz comp if wanting uranus.

pms work best.

Okay ill do it gumi set it up when your online again smiley

Thanks but I do not need bulks, I would like trade them for other Cr's

friday 09/08/2013

Ndololo cr + splata cr


I'd like to trade my guru cr 0xp (8 020 000) vs your guru cr full xp (8 000 000)

i ask for a small complement , around 20K cash or 22K in cards.

Pm me if u are interested , thanks

We will trade using the "safe trade"

I'm also buying Sue for 160 clintz/head and Mcarthur for 130 clintz/head.

Thanks smiley

Oh, thanks) russian community are so slow)

I have clintz, Marly, Tessa, Splata, Lamar, Vickie, Jackie, Marco etc. to offersmiley

PM me smiley

Korr traded smiley Also trading my Kiki cr for playable cr's + clintz smiley

Buying cheap Swidz & Chad Bread smiley

I want to trade my 0xp sigmund Cr + 120k for a full xp Splata cr.

Sorry for that,

Yookie: 940 clints
Jeto: 190 clints
Craho: 240 clints


115 Gertjan - 215 clints

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