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sunday 24/11/2013

Hi everybody...im looking for some charlie..i give 1 tessa 0 exo for 16 charlie full or 0 exp its the same

Stalfhaust + uchtul + graven + konrad for edd cr

if you are interested, send me secure trade smiley

Sorry everything is sold.I have only Tessa 0xp that i want to trade it for a full one + comp.

4 Charlie 0xp for Miss Twice Cr ?

All in all it's worth about 280k+
i will do it by secure trade

Still buying them smiley

Sold! Please close.

Forget it I just leveled it up myself
Collectors, contain your anger. It's just a Marco cr. It's not like crs are even that rare anymore, especially cheap ones like marco smiley

saturday 23/11/2013

Hello all,
Just as the title i'd like to either trade her for El divino 0xp or sell her.

Lady 0xp x2 25k/each
El divino 0xp x2 25k/each

Mode of transaction secure trade.
Thank you. smiley

You looking for any other lots?

Wrong forum..

Trading my Graven 0 xp for your Graven full xp. smiley

Most likely not. Pm me what you're thinking.

Cards I have to Offer
1x C Beast
1x Dagg
1x Dea
1x Dreadlash
1x C Blade
1x Bublgmm
1x Naele
1x Neloe
1x Marty
1x Drorb
2x Galen
1x Izsobahd
1x Oflgn
1x Onyx
1x Shaakarti
1x Sekutor
1x T Gaank
1x Sunder
1x X-0DUS
1x Ward Hg
Pick any of these or all of em

I just got informed this topic is banneble so i would like this topic to get CLOSED
I wasnt aware of this rulesmiley

I want buy it for 260 000 ctz or little more. PM me plz)

Sold it . thanks

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