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friday 13/09/2013

I wana trade my Marlysa Cr (0exp) for another with full experience and some clintz, if u want the change, just send me a message or here smiley

Do you want?

Other offer is ambrose cr 0exp + some cash smiley .... 90k ....

I think you mean Trade my Kerozinn cr for 21 Uranus Full or 0 xp

It doesnt matter closed or not. just ask to change the thread post in that subject above.. and yet you STILL made another thread...smileysmileysmileysmiley

thursday 12/09/2013

It was bought for 175k smiley


Got Kinichaw thanks

Trade done, thanks -Yubei-! smiley

For 30k in private sales please smiley

I trade a lot of 77 GraksmxxT 0xp (44.500) and i want:
-Blaaster Cr 0xp (102.000)
-Tanaereva Cr 0xp ( 220.000)
-Kerozinn Cr full ( 440.000) Max.1
-Tessa Cr full ( 620.000) Max.1
-Splata Cr full ( 590.000 ) Max.1
-Vickie Cr full ( 450.000) Max.1 / 0xp ( 480.000 )
-Marlysa Cr full/0xp ( 1.220.000 )
-Emeth full/0xp ( 50.000 ) I dont know the exact price ,so it may change

Pandagran 5k/each in my vp pleas smiley

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