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tuesday 19/11/2013

I'll also sell it for cash as long as the offer is right, since I do want splata cr I forgot to mention it.

Just buy it yourself and resell after you've done the mission. It's not worth someone else going for a loss because you're not wanting to buy an inflated card.

This is what i have to offer. you can mix and match or ask for other cards if i have not listed and hopefully i have it.
3 dagg 0xp
8 dag full
leviatonn full
petra 0xp
virgina full
zatman full
edd cr full
yoshida full
glorg full
clover full
nabrissa full
chiara cr full
many kawamashi cr full and otherwise
some clintz

pm me

Done trading ... lot goes to 0 ComeAtMe for a marlysa cr and a noctezuma smiley
thnx admins

monday 18/11/2013

Hello everyone :3

I want sell 297 Noland Oxp for 1350clintz/each by private sells smiley

Bye. smiley

Wants cr playable cards have the value of lao cr 0XP

Sold.Close please

Oh sry..
It sold


I'm selling my vickie cr full for 530k.
Or- trading her for a vickie cr 0xp, i will giving 10k extra for the vickie 0xp.

For secure trade.

sunday 17/11/2013

I've sent you 6 flint smiley

Trading Reine Cr 0xp for Reine full + 10-20k compliment

PM me for contact smiley

Hello everyone!
I would like to trade my Caelus Cr Full for Tsubame, Brok, Rad, Wardom, Leviatonn, Havok and more.
I listen to offers.

Trading Tanaereva Cr 0xp for Tanaereva full + 15-20k complement

41,000 clintz
Or trade for Marco Cr

In my private sales smiley

Still looking , strictly at 1.2k per piece , thanks HoAzeem and good luck at your search smiley

Hello, i would trade my collector for you dj korr cr (full or 0xp)...

my offer :
- 66 blaaster cr full
- lamar cr full
- kerozinn cr full

for you dj korr cr.

Send me private message if you are interested or if you want negociate, thanks

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