sunday 07/07/2013

Still looking to trade

87 0 exp chiara cr for your marlysa cr
or i can replace up to 10 chiara cr 0 exp with a cortez (5 total, 1 cortez = 2 chiara)
or i can even replace 14 0 exp chiara cr with 1 tanerava cr 0 exp
or i can substitute 3 haaken 0 exp for 1 chiara cr 0 exp (up to 31 times )
many diffrent possible offers pm me if intrested smiley

I see nothing.

Can add more if you pm me.

Didn't on iPhone = switched to Mac

saturday 06/07/2013

I'm feeling particularly generous right now. Abunai 129, you'll find a Heitachi in your private sale for 50 clintz smiley

I forgot about this

I want Vickie Cr not clintz you idiot

Dropping price to 1.1m

Adept check secure trade

Update now adding c wing, mikaal, virginia

Mokra Roger Bligdgey Bubblgum T47 for scubb raeth

I am assuming your Marlysa Cr is full xp?

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