monday 01/07/2013

Why are you posting in such an old thread? I mean look at those prices. :/

No longer need miss twice, still need vickie.

I'll buy them all for 540k if you really don't have any other offers i could also throw in a chaira cr 0 exp smiley

sunday 30/06/2013

I want the full frozn clan = 104k + 20k cash
and selling him for 124k via Secure of trade

Bonne chance le Français ! smiley


My offer
cassio cr +diyo cr +kenny cr

0 xp?

Done deal .. smiley

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.


16500 haze
14000 rowdey
24000 vermyn n
18250 mona
21600 edd cr
28600 numar
16950 wee lee
21050 emeth
12999 raven
43390 robb cr
26500 bogdan
12000 hammer
22490 striker
18000 lin xia
20000 uranus
18228 michael
34400 tsubame
34800 charlie
19500 yayoi
40009 lizbeth
41400 ongh
28499 dregn
21700 x-odus

total 554865

Contact me by pm

greetings blackout

As the title says im looking for the sentinel cr's above.

My offer:

Miss twice cr
robb cr
blaaster cr
kreen cr
sylth cr
jane ramba cr
edd cr
kenny cr
dalhia cr
alec cr
marco cr
caelus cr
chad bread cr
tanaereva cr
Jackie cr

PM me for contact smiley

Looking to buy a set of the full vortex clan. Have Cassio Cr and 2 Blaaster Cr but im most likely looking for a clintz purhase of about 120k.

Sorry for butchered names lol smiley

The miss twice is fine now

I'd like a Kerozinn Cr, I'd be willing to do 50 Beeboy for one, but otherwise I'd just like Clintz

PM me if you're interested

Adept-TCA - Imperator - Time Conquers All
Yesterday at 23:06
Miss Twice Cr full xp + Ombre Cr full xp

I'm not intersted at ombre smiley

Myeltd - Legend - E X C A L I B U R
Yesterday at 23:15
I'll give you 410k ctz for it (current average market price is hovering around 415).

maybe yes smiley

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