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tuesday 04/02/2014

Someone buy them from market sorry people
close the topic pls smiley

It's ok

0xp for 650 each or a trade for another card

Hello, im looking to sell or trade my 3 vickie cr

1 is 0xp other 2 are full

i value my 0xp at 565k and my full xp at 555k but it is negotiable for clintz to a point... i will take off maybe 10-15k tops

cards im looking for include playable cr cards but will also consider lots of old staples (for the right price.. i dont accept jacked up prices for big lots)

edited by CardGuruGamin tuesday 04/02/2014, 04:57

Page Cr has already been sold. Sorry to those who wanted it

monday 03/02/2014

I would like to buy 4 x Edd Cr (22,5k each -> 90k) and 3 x Veenyle Cr (36k each -> 108k) I have many cards to trade, push me with your offer.

Cheater smiley

and fail smiley

The auction is over right?

Got kerozinn Cr , close smiley

My miss twice cr 0xp for your miss twice cr full + comp.

Compliment negotiable smiley via pm or here.

Hi, i'm looking to trade my;
0xp michael
0xp hemdall

Full xp michael + 3 k compliment
Full xp hemdall + 3 k compliment


7 page 0exp each 72,5k

Looking Bodenpower 0XP 17k.
Protected Exchange.
Good game.
1 Copper Cr 0xp /70000/
2 Toro 0xp /17500/
4 Methane 0xp /6300/
1 Leviatonn 0xp /20000/
1 Olga 0xp /12500/
1 Piotr 0xp /2300/

Also looking for

Hawk x1
Copper cr x1
Minerva x1
Palmer x1

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