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friday 18/07/2014

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject

Trade swidz CR 0 xp for kalindra CR

Blaaster gone vickie gone

I have 5 Parmabarb to trade for Kenny Cr. I have clintz to add as well, PM me for negotiations

Hi i'm trying to sell:

flavio cr 0xp (1M)
sum sam cr full (1.3M)
beltran cr full (214k)

I accept any offer except for lots of cards under 50k...write me in private, we can talk about the prices smiley

thursday 17/07/2014

Magnar are sold smiley

My 6 chad bread cr valued at 48K each (288K total) for jackie cr and graksmxxt valued at 200K and 54K respectively for a total of 254K.

34K gain smiley

Oups... that's true ;/ So I'm closing the topic smiley

Sum sam cr 0xp for both?

Thanks to levi guru is ok,
now only kiki cr

850k cash..

Each Kent is 600Clintz. P.M me if interested.

Lamar cr sold. can also trade swidz cr for kaliandra cr

wednesday 16/07/2014

Thanks for the deal XC levi 69

I'll give you 30k for keroozin

100 hemdall 0xp 23500/each
99 fixit 0xp 8000/each

cash or playable cr 0xp smiley

edited by DUC-Red Rob wednesday 16/07/2014, 12:39

1M is not enough, but thank you for the offer

I can offer for her:
lysa teria cr (7,5 M)+ sum sam cr (1,3 M)+ rass cr(800k)+ 200k
for a total of 9,8M

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