wednesday 29/08/2018

Exchange done, please close smiley

Yeah my Death Adder is 0 xP, ok i accept smiley

tuesday 28/08/2018

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Wrong forum smiley I am closing thread.

I don't have any Shakra left

I'm selling/trading No Love for 1,8M (current market value is 2M). I accept clintz but I'd rather trade for cards with value over 500k. I also accept a mix of cards and clintz smiley

monday 27/08/2018

I want to trade my Reine Cr 0xp for a Melissa Cr 0xp or full +200 k smiley

Hey, I'm looking to sell the Guru i got in a golden Box for:
16.5 Mil
10.5 Mil + SumSam cr any xp (6 Mil market value)
9 Mil + SumSam any xp (6 Mil ) + Ymirah any xp ( 1.5 mil)

Hi change my Cr's 0xp for you cr's full and small complement

Ratanah MT 0xp for Ratanah MT full 30k
Ambrose Cr 0xp for Ambrose Cr full 90k
Beltran Cr 0xp for Beltran Cr full 60k
Skullface Cr 0xp for Skullface Cr full 60k
Chad Bred Cr 0xp for Chad Bred Cr full 20k
Cannibal Jo Cr 0xp for Cannibal Jo Cr full 600k
Selsya Cr 0xp for Selsya Cr full 70k
Selnord Cr 0xp for Seldnor Cr full 60k
Xhantiax Robb Cr 0xp for Xhantiax Robb Cr ful 200k
Shaakarti Cr 0xp for Shaakarti Cr full 20k

Accept cash or cards same value as the add-on

Nemo Mt 0 xp

how do you offer me?

My Kalindra Cr 0xp: 1.5M

Your #Yimirah Cr Anyxp: 1.5M


sunday 26/08/2018

Melissa gone! Have 3 million Clintz with 3 Marshals and 2 Charlie’s

Looking to buy Kalindra Cr for 1.200.000 please any xp smiley

Estimate the price of the cards you are looking for please

Want to buy Gwen 0xp 2700 each. need 600 so send to my PS smiley

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