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friday 11/01/2019

I'm looking for a lot of Raoul 0xp 2.5k/e

4500 each now. Also looking to buy Tula 0xp @4k each.

Anyone interested??

I am raising my offer to 3.4m clintz

Up, I want Lao Cr or #Sigmund cr, can negotiate

I want to trade (all 0xp)
No Love
Impera Sloane

I looking for
Lizbeth Cr 0xp
Beeboy Cr 0xp

My general Cr 0xp . Market value

For your

B mappe + compliment


Cannibal Jo + compliment


My general + compliment for cannibal Joe and b mappe

Pm me

As the title describes I am looking for Crook (any xp) and I am trading it for a Ratanah Mt (full xp)

Jungo main, need him. Don't have much to trade but if anyone likes giving things away at a steal price/deal hmu

thursday 10/01/2019

2 0xp No Love 2M each

Looking for
#Impera Sloane 230k
#Charlie 230k
Maximus 350k
Miss Twice Cr 2.6M

If you have 2 0xp Miss Twice Cr I will add 1.7M in cash to both No Love . All prices are negotiable thanks.

Update all cards sold smiley

My Lyse Teria (0xp) + 3.5 mil cash for Manon (any exp)

I am offering 2.3 m clintz and some cr + some rare (total offering 3.2m clintz)

Striker Cr 0exp
Dolly Cr 0exp
Drorb Cr full exp
Lulabee Cr full exp
Chikko Cr 0exp
#sledge cr 0exp

+ some rares

also i am selling many cards in the market so by the time you answer some of the cards i am offering are might be sold so you get the cards or extra clintz

I am looking to buy 7 Eddie Cr 0xp for 100k each.Please leave him in my PS.
Thank you smiley

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