tuesday 18/06/2013

Still looking just pm me for faster response smiley

320 eatch

Best of luck! and a free bump!

Not as much for tanman. He is a good cr and safer investment. Anyways, no need to discuss further. I think u and I r in the same boat with Roger smiley

monday 17/06/2013

Marco benson Steve are all gone

J'ai à vendre:

2 Aylen 0XP (14k)
4 Belgosi 0XP (12.4K)
2 Carter 0XP (8k)
2 Chwing 0XP (2.4k)
Damian 0XP (1.4k)
Dr Falkenstein 0XP (2.9k)
6 Eloxia 0XP (30k)
2 Lorna 0XP (2.3k)
Michael 0XP (19k)
3 Minerva 0XP (3k)
Plunk 0XP (1k)
Sasha 0XP (3k)
Todd 0XP (1.3K)
Tomas 0XP (6.5k)
2 Bree 0XP (3k)
Daddy Jones 0XP (5.9K)
130 Dave 0XP (45.5k)
Fanny 0XP (2.5k)
3 0XP Gaia (7.5k)
Lulabee 0XP (4.5k)
5 Oraya 0XP (60k)
3 Serena 0XP (21.3k)
3 Glenn 0XP (16.8k)
Glenn complet (4.5k)
0XP Hefty (7.5k)
2 Jeeves 0XP (8.6k)
2 Maurice 0XP (15.2k)
Oxen 0XP (5.2k)
Rubie 0XP (5.7k)
3 Sydney 0XP (3.9K)
Bublgmm 0XP (100c)
4 Bublgmm complet (400c)
9 Butch 0XP (2.7k)
Deea 0XP (2.2k)
Dregn complet (30k)
2 Drorb 0XP (320c)
4 Heegrn Cr 0XP (34.4k)
2 Kobalth 0XP (2k)
3 Kronnen 0XP (2.7k)
2 Krung 0XP (3.2k)
2 Lovhak 0XP (1.8k)
4 Marty 0XP (2.8k)
3 Naele 0XP (27k)
6 Neloe 0XP (2.4k)
Neloe complet (400c)
Oflgn 0XP (6K)
2 Onyx 0XP (400c)
2 Qorah 0XP (2.4k)
2 Sekutor 0XP (4,6 K)
12 Shaakarti 0XP (132k)
3 Shaakarti 3 * (33k)
Shaakarti 4 * (11k)
18 Shaakarti complet (198k)
Sunder 0XP (300c)
10 T Gaank 0XP (40k)
4 T Gaank complet (16k)
7 Ward hg 0XP (2.1k)
Diyo Cr complet (101k)
Selsya Cr complet (218k)
2 Dragan Cr 0XP (1.7m)
Jim Cr complet (215k)

Je cherche:
Beltran Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Vickie Cr
Kerozinn Cr
Splata Cr
Elya Cr
Tessa Cr
Dragan Cr
Sum Sam Cr
Marlysa Cr
Autres Crs compatibles
injouable Crs
Crs non



I buy all your Samantha 0XP for 170 clintz directly in my PV. smiley

J'ai à vendre / échanger ces cartes:

Spudd complet (800c)
10 Stacey 0XP (130k)
14 Stacey complet (168k)
260 Bertha complet (156k)
Ayzkub 0XP (200c)
3 Brampah Noel 0XP (600c)
2 Hakunak 0XP (600c)
Mylka 0XP (100c)
Titsouk 0XP (400c)
915 Titsouk complet (405k)
Ksendra complet (1.5k)
Moegura 0XP (700c)
21 Raven 0XP (294k)
2 Ace 0XP (1.6k)
Angelo 0XP (2k)
Belladone 0XP (1k)
Don complète (5.5k)
0XP Pimp Flesh (3k)
2 Ivy complet (200c)
4 Murphy 0XP (1.3K)
Oscar 0XP (4k)
Rosa 0XP (2.2k)
Arawaka 0XP (700c)
Bill 0XP (200c)
0XP Crunchy (100c)
Edwin complet (1k)
Endora 0XP (200c)
Erzsebet 0XP (100c)
Glorg 0XP (6.2K)
K Cube 0XP (300c)
Karrion 0XP (14k)
Kolos 0XP (39k)
0XP Magenta (700c)
Pan complet (1.9K)
Timmy 0XP (1k)
Uchtul complet (5.8k)
Cyan 0XP (100c)
Morgane 0XP (200c)
Sheryl complet (1k)
8 Lena 0XP (16k)
Lena 3 * (2k)
26 Lena 4 * (52k)
120 Lena complet (180k)
Malicia 0XP (1k)
2 Ash 0XP (3.4k)
Lea 0XP (2.3k)
Sue 0XP (300c)
Flora 0XP (300c)
Nahi Cr complet (178k)
Noodile Cr complet (12k)
Eris 0XP (1.6k)
Globumm complet (200c)
Jautya 0XP (3.7K)
Lakit 0XP (1.8k)
Ludwig complet (600c)
3 miss Stella 0XP (10.2K)
Murray complète (700c)
2 Na Boh 0XP (2.8k)
Nata 0XP (200c)
Petra complet (6.5k)
2 Pieter 0XP (1k)
Sigma 0XP (5k)
2 Slopsh 0XP (4,6 K)
Sol Hona 0XP (900c)
Stella complet (6.9k)
Harvey 0XP (1.1k)

J'ai encore plus de cartes, mais ils sont trop nombreux mots
Je suis intéressé par:
Beltran Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Vickie Cr
Kerozinn Cr
Splata Cr
Elya Cr
Tessa Cr
Dragan Cr
Sum Sam Cr

This is the english forum

My Roger 0 xp for your Sabia 0 xp. 1:1.

I can do this many times. Let me know if you're interested.

I would say around 800-850k smiley but hey Jamox is entitled to his own values smiley if he doesn't want to sell for less then he doesn't have to.

Started from the bottom now we here!

I buy your cornelia 0 xp 130 clintz each

All this will be done by private sale

Trading Manon Cr full for mix of clintz and Jackie Cr, Vickie Cr and Caelus Cr.

Trade through PM.

edited by ArtemisBZ monday 17/06/2013, 05:12

Selling 8 Dao wangs no exp. I value them all at 17k

Bonsior Tous!

Lot 1:
11 Tanaereva Cr 0exp
PDD: 205k/tete

Lot 2:
4 Marco Cr 0exp
PDD: 31k/tete

Lot 3:
765 Lehane 0exp
PDD: 4750/tete

Lot 4:
Sigmund Cr full
PDD: 390k

Wanda 0exp (2500-3000)
Caelus Cr 0exp (102k)
Jackie Cr 0exp (130k)
Vickie Cr (425k/475k)

Fin: 18/6/13 22H

sunday 16/06/2013

Only 150 0xp crunchy remaining, the Brampah noel are gone smiley

Fudge!! wrong section lol

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