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saturday 21/12/2013

5 robb Cr + 30k cash for your ambrose ?

Lol getting back jackie smiley)

Thanks SC Demoniak, unfortunately I'm not building Vortex atm. Will PM back when I start

I accept only this offer: my sum sam cr 0xp for your marlysa cr full+30k


500 Revok 0 exp: 2k / Tête is 1m
300 kawamashi 0 exp: 5.5k / Tête 1.65m
100 Deea 0 exp 2.1K / Tête 210k
5 Tanaereva 0 250k exp / Tête 1.25m
4 jackie 0 165k exp / Tête 660k
2 Kerozinn Cr 0 exp: 600k / Tête 1.2m
equal 5 970 000 clintz

Hey i have graksmxxt full xp, kenny cr full xp kolos full xp hikiyousan full xp

I have 102 Lost hogs for trade. I value them at or around market value.
13 full
89 0exp

Looking for higher playable Crs

I am unsure if I really want to trade them due to the potential but will listen to offers

friday 20/12/2013

5 kephren full in your vp!

Ok asso

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Looking for around 590k

The market price is 689,000 clints. Will anyone give me a price lower than that?

thursday 19/12/2013

Under 100k... deals welcome , pm me smiley

Trade or cash 16500

Hey EN Com. Guys , i need some Graven in Bulks. I pay 4,000 - 4,500 Clintz each Graven. Just put it in my Private sales.

Have a Good Time & maybe see you !

How much u value the big 5? and how many charlie vs vickie cr 0exp?

Sum sam cr is sold

now are disponibles:

3 vickie cr 0exp

For 630k or playable cr : ) (or cash+playable cr, lol)

For further information pm me : )

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