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wednesday 31/07/2013

5* 0 xp cards are too low at 500.

edited by Cyber wednesday 31/07/2013, 06:07

Ill do 10k comp as pallios has stated.

I wish to sell my Aldebaran Cr for 525000, I will also accept trades if they contain expensive playable Crs such as Lamar Cr, Vickie Cr or are primarily clintz. Price is negotiable. Only clintz transactions will be carried out in vp.

tuesday 30/07/2013

Monty XX did make me an offer like that offering 20k as compliment,ask himsmiley

For 36,000 each I can do the offer 35 times thank you smiley

143000 on the market,

Selling another. 143000 again. Thanks.


And also selling Alec Cr, 148k in secure exchange, 158k market.

Moses wants a buyer people.

Market Price Ongh for anyone?

I value him at 450k in cards and 440k in clintz

I accept these cards for the trade on top of clintz

1) Jackie Cr full/0xp - 125k/132k
2) Blaaster Cr 0 xp - 80k
3) Diana 0 xp - 8.5k
4) Hawk 0 xp - 11k
5) Wee Lee 0 xp - 18k

If I state 0 xp only, it means I only want 0 xp and not the full version. PM me for any negotiation, etc.
Clintz only via private trade. Other transactions via ES.

I buy: - Manfred full xp - 3150 each
- Manfred 0xp - 3300 each

Send me proposes by mp, hugs!

I sell 32 Thorpah 0xp 6.4k each

We can discuss the price by offers.
Looking Cr's playable, Cash and lots.

Proposed by mp, hugs!

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