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sunday 03/11/2013

Hey guys!
I'm looking for some fiery ladies, 2k8, directly in my ps.
Let's go :3

My 0xp for your full plus a little compliment. Compliment can be negociable.

Thanks mods smiley

5 Bree sold, 25 oEXP remains.

For example: http://prntscr.com/21mtnl
Send me on pv sales, every hour i will check and buy all

I buy 5* 0xp too, for 1111 each, but no sliman , no leaders and no vanish smiley

Arkn gone

T gaank gone

Sometimes because the cards's prices change please PM me to negotiate

U have pm

saturday 02/11/2013

I want to trade or sell my Ombre Cr full xp
I trade him with a Tanaereva Cr or sell him for 230k

Pm me

Jane Ramba Cr

Message me smiley

Offer jackie cr 0xp
pm please

Kreen for 57 000

Deal Done

Tx Modssmiley

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