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monday 18/01

thursday 14/01

Its only achieved by playing and wining club wars sir
When you win you get the option to upgrade temporarily some bonuses

wednesday 13/01

I have to trade
10 kuwaka
2x spiaghi mt
ielena mt
2xkolos mt
ratanah mt
lamar cr x3
blaaster cr x5
beef cr x 150
elya cr x 3
Marlysa cr
Manna cereri x 4
Gibson x 20
Dalhia cr x3

Ahaha, ty man. I'm a bit late but happy Halloween... Oh wait smiley

tuesday 12/01

Are you saying you want the kikis or you havve the kikis?

Oops wrong forum page , pls pm me smiley

Do ARCADE - tons of free stuff, TUTORIAL -same some free stuff, CLINTS wheel -really worth it after u jump start your cash flow , NOW ON TICKET WHEEL - there re days where staff adds MT cards in the ticket wheel.
and check out https://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&id_subject=2792711 for the current deals for the next 72 hours

tuesday 22/12/2020

Regarding Lore we got some threads made by Morten
You can see the basic info regarding every clan.

If u really want to know much of the lore do as Lemon said read the comics and read the descriptions in the cards smiley

friday 11/12/2020

thursday 10/12/2020

You once recruited me to a clan, I hope to return the offer. Come join TCA!

tuesday 08/12/2020

I'm also looking for a new clan any openings in excalibur?

saturday 05/12/2020

sunday 29/11/2020

I'm a returner (back since 2 weeks) playing since 2009, sadly lost my old accs infos lol.
Old elo record: 14xx
looking forward to start EFC soon, farming wheel atm aiming for eternal rank smiley
would be happy if any chat active guild would be down to accept me smiley

Language: german / English

thursday 26/11/2020

Hey come join Time Conquers All (TCA)! We just got a whole bunch of new players this week and last week. We've got a very active chat, lots of fun threads, card giveaways, etc.

tuesday 24/11/2020

Oh and also time flies really fast smiley

monday 23/11/2020

I like your initiative, good luck!!!!

friday 20/11/2020

I would but this groups pretty active and seems to have a lot from the US.

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