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thursday 21/12/2017

Great work matesmiley

Guild has been disbanded. Closing thread.

monday 18/12/2017

wednesday 13/12/2017

Found a clan , thanks! Closing Thread

monday 11/12/2017

Join the BASS CIRCUS !! smiley


Cheers my dudes!
lol smiley

thursday 07/12/2017

"They found me"

Open Casket!!!

Grabs popcorn* smiley

sunday 03/12/2017

Cool a new guild. Good luck to you.smiley

thursday 30/11/2017

Thank you all smileysmiley

tuesday 28/11/2017

Always nice to see someone starting a new guild to inspire new life into the game. Best of luck to you smiley

I recommend you start small and recruit active but new players. Teach them the ways of the game, offer them cards in your bank.

tuesday 21/11/2017

The guild "KEEP THE SMILE 2017" recruits all players with respect.
Our priorities are "between help between guild players, respect, being fair, optimizing games, optimizing sales on the market.If you recognize our values same as your apply in the guild" KEEP THE SMILE 2017 "
Level 45 Minimum. For any information contact me by private messages Thank you.

sunday 05/11/2017

Not here to personally endorse my guild, but give some insight. Remember that different guilds have different expectations and activities that form them.

I think what is important is for you to choose which Guild you think is the best fit for you and them.

With that, I hope you find a suitable and active Guild based on your requirements.

wednesday 01/11/2017

It's more ore less an extension to the game, certainly if you already have reddit on your phone, for the real forum this will always be the place

wednesday 25/10/2017

Sure. Consider these cards I put up as they are usually top candidates in their clans.

Play tutorial and hopefully you can find something that works out for you. Good luck.

First question would be if you'd still want to stick with Nightmare and/or Gheist since those are your strongest clans at the moment.

The current tutorial is mere months old, so no. There hasn't been any talks of streamlining it as of yet.

tuesday 24/10/2017

Oh yeah name is Alex ,21 huge pot head love UR guru is my favorite card smiley

wednesday 18/10/2017

Welcome back!

thursday 12/10/2017

sunday 01/10/2017

Hello is your guild good? If so, how good?

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