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friday 13/11/2020

I just returned too. That wheel of fortune is your new best friend. Sell just enough to get your 50 spins (500K clints). Once you get that income flowing you can buys cards based on what you are running into in battle. A win in tourneys, free fight and ELO should get you 10 spins. I've been making about 10m a day doing it and gotten like 6 CRs. If you are persistant you can get a decent ranking in the T1/2 ranks, even if you lose matches.

monday 09/11/2020

I have the same goal in UR that I do in MtG. To gather one of every card I can. It's not exactly healthy, but it's a goal nonetheless. I have most of the Alphas, most of the Betas, all the Unlimiteds...But UR makes it a challenge. I could just throw money at it, but I want it to be harder than that. I'm in UR for the challenge of getting a complete collection without throwing money at it. Plus I made a few friends along the way. Plus missions are a royal pain in the ass that I look forward to completing, no matter how minute the reward.

Hey Mattia,

If you go to Game - > Game Modes - > Arcade you can see which ld you can win in what place. For instance, you can win Kora Mail Ld in the 3rd Season.

If you can't find the ld in that list, it is only obtainable via the ld missions you can find on the mission tab.

Good lucksmiley

Why are you looking to join? you seem to have a club

sunday 08/11/2020

When you reach a certain level join any max level club to gain some good perks smiley

wednesday 28/10/2020

I came here looking for help and not disrespect. Since I already got answers I'm closing this post.
Thank you for everyone who was helpful.

I already regret choosing this title.

monday 19/10/2020

Yo! Good day! Im an old player who recently activated this account to play and have fun, I left my previous guild due to all my friends there being inactive. I would like to join a fun, active and competitive guild.

wednesday 07/10/2020

Sent the request, thanks!

monday 05/10/2020

Hi! I have created a club for all of those who are struggling to join a club (I know I have been lately)
There are no requirements to join the club, as long as you're at least level 5, you can join!

Hoping to create a place for users to help make the club a nice, active environment, come and join and help make this place grow

Nobody Loves Me

thursday 01/10/2020


do you love Czech culture or have at least remote knwoledge where it is located (sorry my American friends). Then I´m happy to introduce you to Czech Streets, my own Club.

Hit me up!


sunday 20/09/2020

I need 2 more levels to be able to join. Thanks guys. smiley

saturday 19/09/2020

sunday 13/09/2020

Hello ineed active players for my club Romanian Eagles.everyone is welcomed.buna am nevoie de jucatori activi pt noul club Romanian Eagles.va astept cu drag

saturday 12/09/2020

Am nevoie de jucatori activi care sa ma ajute sa ducem clubul cat mai sus

wednesday 09/09/2020

Hi, I just returned to the game after many years and I'm looking for a guild. I'm a casual player, I think I will be playing quite frequently but not 100% active


Long time player, I get on max 30 min a day, looking for a chill guild that I can join while I hop on every once in a while. I'll hit up chat every so often as well. Thanks!

Time Conquers All (the club I'm into) is a great place for returning and new players. I sent you an invitation.

Join Open Casket the best guild in UR smiley

sunday 06/09/2020

Those guilds are still around

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