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Will do BM for 5 mil. DM me.

Threads begging for cards will be deleted as there has been an increase in the number of multi-accounts doing this.

For example

"Please send me any card for 50clintz"

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Hello everyone,

Following the BM of Enigma, there has been a multitude of fraudulent exchanges and players who have been ripped off.

We will try to manage all this as well as possible,
The rules of the Sales forum are strict in order to be able to protect buyers and sellers as well as possible,
On all current BM topics, being able to manage exchanges is really complicated

So here is what we have decided:
Allowed on the Sales forum: All regulated subjects of the SALE, BUY, TRADE & AUCT type
Prohibited on the Sales forum: [BM] subjects with proposed trades that moderation does not/cannot manage

This is why we opened the following topic [BM] which will be usable by everyone: [BM] Topic for Black Market trading

With abuse, fraud and theft in this kind of situation, the support does not reimburse players, the generation of cash is already enormous, the support cannot double the gains by compensating the losses of the players on such quantities!
Thus, it is the full responsibility of the players if a BM trade turns into a scam in terms of its loss, make your trades with players you TRUST!

HOWEVER, the theft and the scam do not go unpunished, obviously the moderation is there, you just have to quickly PM us the link of the player who does not pay or honour the exchange and this player will get a MARKET BAN. The ban can/will be undone if the player decides to complete the trade.

The penalties for not following the rules:
- A market ban of 3 months
- A market ban of 6 months after a 2nd offence

So do not steal smiley

Good game everyone!

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Can we indeed have a sample content just like what Joker Mt said

The number "50" is meant for editing.

While I put 50 Clintz, it is because that is the lowest you can sell cards for to another player.

Already updated. smiley But if anyone else wants to add some common french terms to this, feel free to give me a PM. smiley


You tell 'em Larry boi smiley))

Thanks buddy. New exchage rate is 5 0XP Beeboys for 1 Behemoth. Please PM me if okay.
No negotiations.
Grab this opportunity before prices go up again!

Jam&Earlxtt +1
Sheshko +1

Pm me if intrested . cards only no additional clints.

Come on lads


Thank you. The moderators responded swiftly and helped as much as they could


51 XU-Kr4ng 96 k/t
56 Cletus 55 k/t
50 Crazy Legs 60 k/t
15 Hindelga 100 k/t
130 Jezebel 25 k/t
189 Shazam 22 k/t
197 Wonald 15 k/t
61 Kit-E 55 k/t
81 Oriold 85 k/t
82 Drak 80 k/t
61 Stompah 60 k/t
35 Miyo 80 k/t
50 Aegis 130 k/t
24 Mjollnirah 70 k/t
154 Mama Killa 22 k/t
37 Fisty Cent 180 k/t
45 Numar 230 k/t
30 Skipper 50 k/t
18 Wooly 90 k/t
27 Streex 165 k/t

Behemoth Cr is gone and i don't need Kalindra Cr anymore.

Got it thanks BalancedQ

Hi..I want to trade my Guru Cr for Kenny Mt maybe someone want to do this? smiley

Got a trade thanks!

Looking to buy 1 Ymirah MT for 48M

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