thursday 28/05/2009

Close please.

Just as the title says!

I'm looking to sell 18 Mc Decays For 7,500 or trade for a card of equal price!
PM me for faster response

Thanks for putting this up

wednesday 27/05/2009

12k for marco

Jackie 0 xp + gaia+eyrton+onik+2 gary 0 xp + dreen for nahi cr

Already got a Reine Cr

now I can buy Vholt: 67.000

Some1 bought allem plz close thnx mods

Super-lubo has made the Avatar.

Thank you, Close please smiley

OK. Moderator, please close this thread. thanks.

My Wanda level 1 0XP for a phyllis any level. smiley
PM me.

Close please thank you

1 messages

Bought smiley
you can close, please smiley

I will by as many Aurelias as i can for 300 Each! They must be 1* with no xp!


Cmon thats the best ok well the winner is ..........................................................................PITBULL23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill send it to you Pittbull right now
close this we have a winner.

I have been trying to make a deal with you and i keep sending you messages. i have the card you need and i am also interested ibn your jim cr card pm me back as soon as you get this message

Reine + 12 sylth ?
you are so funny .
this is a trade, not a trick.Despisesmiley

Pls close
someone already bought it

Ill buy them all for 500 smiley

Ill buy Yayoi for 8.6k
and charlie for 12k
close price..

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