thursday 23/03/2017

Hi all, come and join a free event. 2000 ctz to the winner and 200 ctz to anyone who completes all their battles. 8 player limit.

sunday 19/03/2017

3 spots to fill

friday 17/03/2017

Oh I won c:

Thank god I thought through this. I loved the Out Siders c:

It was a nice little event that you hosted, and I think we all had fun c:

Hi guys,

I have 700 Phonos Cr full!

I am selling each Phonos for 6k.

I am looking for card trades or Clintz trades, only if you buy bulk.

I don't accept:

- Loads of cards, I am looking for Cr cards higher value.


- Clintz for 700x at 6k per head.


wednesday 15/03/2017

Tolliver would be fine smiley

Make more of these! I have so many inspirations for puns, i could go for winning all the Cheep cards.

Final prizes announced:

1st) Kolos+Beeboy+Tomoe+Wilde
2nd) Xing Shu+Fixit+Khann+Steve
3rd) Rahi Sledon+Kurt+Tameshi

One day left to join and choose your deck!

monday 13/03/2017

My one which is sh** lol

Wooly: - Scooby dooby doo! smileysmileysmiley

Alright, winner hands down is Riri MOB

See you for the next events I guess smiley Peace!

Sending card now and closing smiley

I hope you all enjoyed my profile event!

I will hopefully do some more soon. Lots of diffetent plans for you all!

NCAA Bracket Challenge 2017

It's still not to late to sign up!

We have a great prize pool
1st: Xantiax Robb Cr + Jackie Cr
2nd: Selsya Cr
3rd: Blaaster Cr
4th Emeth Cr

Most picks in the first round: Dr Norton Cr

Anyone who beats my score: Mulligan

saturday 11/03/2017

Thank You everyone for playing. I have chosen the winner. The winning entry will be chosen by a random number generator. Your post number will be you number. If a number pops up where I posted or it is a post of someone who didn't follow the rules another number shall be selected. 1-52

These are the numbers that are randomly selected in order.
10 - did not follow rules
12 - Guru Rank (too high)
2 - Dragon being silly
42 - Finally after the 4th random number generation we have a winner!

The winner is naxel57

Wishing you all the best for pulling this out, we need more people like this smiley

friday 03/03/2017

Do you need my mother's maiden name and her birth records too?smiley But it seems like a good idea.smiley

friday 24/02/2017

No, not 40 years.
Technically speaking the astronauts would take much less time, since having a speed close light will make the time stretch for the astronauts. (Something like 5 years of their lives)
It is our point of view, from the earth, that it would take 40 years.

tuesday 21/02/2017

Can I have T2 GHEIST, please? I have 2000 clintz for the deck.

thursday 09/02/2017

Pm me if you have anything plz

Do you guys and gals often still get this bug or you don't anymore?

monday 30/01/2017

Here are some great events that you can JOIN and win great prizes!

Events by players supported by Staff

Events by Staff

0 Arrogantaldo- Clint-City Champions League - Team battling event of 5.
Community Cup 2017 - EN Qualifier - Community Cup Qualifier smiley

The EN Event Team - Add them to your friend list and join their "newsletter" event to keep updated with their events!
Infiniti & Levi_72 - The Infinite Universe
Cyber - Cyber-holic
Shanks Guru - Shanks New-s-letter
mihalll7_UM - Super Series
{Hideki} - Hideki's World of Urban Rivals

edited by 0 Arrogantaldo- monday 30/01/2017, 18:48

sunday 29/01/2017

Just looking for deck not free cards

One Last Fight

"Welcome to the arena! Here you will find the greatest warriors of Clint City! Can you survive? Battle against other gladiators, join forces with your enemies to clear the dungeons, spill your opponent's blood in the sand, win the crowd! Can you make it through every stage to win the final prize, freedom?"

At least 300k will be distributed to the first place. More information will be added until the beggining of the event!

Join my newsletter: Eventos Graham

thursday 26/01/2017

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