I just started using this and I really enjoyed the the store feature

I would like to inquire on Eternal status.
When does one aim for that status? At what Level is it preferred to begin aiming for it?
Just recently got to Colossus, and with the whole Eternal tag, i was thinking of not evolving my semi-evos; however that will down my cash flow and ability to buy cards that I don't have..
Is Eternal tag really that worth it?? I guess for me, my priority is getting / buying all cards that are ELO legal.

Is the new hero now Level 200 attainable, as seen in the Spot? Any idea of its Ability, it should be better than Robert Cobb being Level 200 requirement... I still think Robert Cobb is the best, hehe!

Is there a way for Kate pricing to consider all costs, that include Semi-evo cost and not just the star cost of what your selling.. Eg. I want to sell my Eyrton, 5*, The 5* price is higher than the semi-evo price;

Do you think that Kate can have an option for you to sell between the lowest semi-evo price and the current 5* star price? It really is a drag putting things on the market, and having to one-by-one marking down Kate's price since the other evolution are cheaper. Such as if i plan to sell 50 cards, I need to... one by one, remove the card from sale, then check lowest price, then re-price the card. Its really a long process. smileysmileysmileysmiley

Removed Tokens guides as they no longer exist ones and added a Gheist one.
Also added Nightmare and Skeelz catalogues as requested.

How to get gold tokenz
How to get silver tokens

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Is there a 2019 guide? smiley

I feel half deck is a more common way to say 4/4 so it probably is not worth mentioning.

News/Info on this Thread

Updates might take a while if I am busy.

Testing a new feature for my guide to include card rarity next to their name.

Will fix the checklist to display rarity count.

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Nah bro FFVII the best of all the time


Thanks again for all the positive feedback, got more request than i thought i would and it's really fun for me and cool to see people actually using their new avatar.
I made a (pretty messy) update with a few more examples, so people can maybe get a better idea of what to expect.
Some were requests and some i made just for fun. So if you like any of it or want anything else, just pm me. The quality and size varies, but there should be a button in the middle of this link to at least improve the quality.
Again, it's just for fun and i don't want/need any cards or clints.

thursday 23/05

@0- JP I don't think she appears on any of the links yaoihuntresse shared, that's why I shared it here.

In the UR Twitter account, @acute_games, we can see either the same character that has yet to appeared or a new one, that will most likely arrive tomorrow (Next to Vulkan)



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@ Izy7 - Been gone for years, I was really reliant on the home page feed when I started playing. Maybe i need to explore the site more.. smileysmiley

tuesday 21/05

Sorry, 8/4 might've been too much for a 3* card, maybe 8/3 or 7/4.
Langren is great, I just bought it and I'm surprised by the new clan Volkan and their own Lizbeth 2.0.

Nonetheless, I really hope for another solid DR card in Piranas (I really find it enjoyable to win at an EFC by only 1 life)
Your idea is quite good, and if I may add, like killshot, an ability that activates at an odd or even number difference in power. Time in tourneys is especially crucial in decision making since you only have a limited number of it. This way it can challenge both parties since they have to consider the denomination of both cards whilst in a time constricted situation.

sunday 19/05

That's a misunderstanding. Volkan was the one leading the Komboka to attack Clint city, but she's not the leader. The four sisters are.

saturday 18/05

Looks like you covered everything (except the conveyor belt on Dominion). Nice job!

friday 17/05

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Visual proof when I first did the edit refers to a picture that shows the Mt effects in action. A sentence in the card bio is all we got.

I did not delete that disclaimer since the only thing we can rely on is the card’s bio.

wednesday 15/05

The calimity Jane reference I mentioned, is purely based on two facts. One that chaos said in discord that Calamity is a reference to red dead. The second fact is that her new blood mission was called dead red

tuesday 14/05

I wonder, why is Dolores Boss semi-evo removed?
Can Staff return its semi-evo ability? I made a huge investment on this card for its semi-evo ability.
With all the new cards, it's semi-evo ability is not that strong for a 2*. Ty! smileysmileysmiley

Gj Rowdy! smiley
Where do you put the new clan? smiley

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