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Since I was in the process of posting as Cache was, I'm just going to post screenshots instead of link.



Thanks dude, this is really cool!

Oh whoops, actually meant ~5.5mil but nonetheless 12 collectors on average won't add up to 100mil

Ask in your club's forumsmiley

I just noticed they replaced the Tutorial/Dojo comic... Kate is in her 'modern' version. When did that happen?

Removed Kolos Trick as I see it hardly is relevant in today.

Kolos Trick is just using Ambre and Kolos Cr together. Usually for 100 Attack and 12 Damage.

Updated the definition of Big 5 due to General Mt`s link not working.

Other Gameplay Guides + Explanations


Basic Deck Building

Stop opp Bonus VS Stop opp Ability and all the like, EXPLAINED

The Ultimate 1HKO Guide {Updated}

Level Reference Chart

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One of those dudes owning lots of Cortez is Crash (saw him sold lots).

I got DJ korr Cr from $$$

Oh no wonder i got a bmappe from the $ bar


Works fine on my laptop.

monday 26/10

Well, I think minusing your opponent's pillz is better than adding to your own. It's not about the extra points of damage.

Bruno instead of who?

Oh wow, I didn't put in Mamba. Yeah, good catch. I think I'll go with Kuei.

Fang Pi Clan
Leader: Ambre
Saitamurai, Dokuja Ld, Mamba, Tsubame, Yoshida, Lee Long, Futoshi Ld

sunday 25/10

Uppers: Zlatar Cr => Gruber
Since he created the Uppers clan, Zlatar has always made sure to keep it as exclusive as possible. He only accepted rich humans and did not accept any nonhuman members. He made one excuse with Nellie’s poodle Jose Star, since he became the most famous dog in the world, but that was the only time he accepted a nonhuman member. Unfortunately, after his sudden departure, the standards of the Uppers clan have changed. Gruber compared to Zlatar, accept any member that got enough money to be considered rich. Not all of the old members is happy with that decision and might do something to get rid of Gruber.

Vortex: Dregn Mt => Scylla
With Heegrn Cr prediction about Dregn’s death coming true, Vortex needed a new leader. A lot of members was ready to take over, but they all got shot down by one certain member. Scylla, Dregn’s daughter was not about to let anyone take her father’s throne from her. So, she became the empress of the Vortex clan and begun her ice cold regime and vengeance against the Dominion and Hive clan.

saturday 24/10

It would be great if the feature is added in my collection pro

wednesday 21/10

Note that I am not good at creating individual stories, so these are just the basic concepts.

Arcade Kid LD
9/0 (maybe more balanced as the usual 8/1)
Ability: Copy opp. Damage
Arcade Kid or AK for short ran away from home to play in the arcades. Spending almost all of his time there, he became good enough to challenge about anyone for clintz. If only he didn't spend most of it to play more.

Phil the Kid
Clan: Les Orphelines
Ability: Copy opp. Ability
EDITORS NOTE: I will have to think about Phil a bit more. I'd love to have something nice and unique here, but so far only the "I can do that too" storyline comes to mind. Stay tuned

Ability: Poison 1 min 3
Jordine was in training for the Freaks, but she did not quite manage to learn the tricks. Now she is using what she learned on the street.

Ability: Fury: +2 Damage
Keitaro was a promising child in the FangPi dojo at first, but he was too pacifistic to fight. Little did they know that injustice was triggering his rage, making him a force to be reckoned with.

Old Jim
8/5 (maybe 8/4 is necessary, I am not sure how to balance this)
killshot: +1pillz/dmg
Old Jim is not a kid. But he has been when he started living on the streets. Now he is basically the wise man of LesOrphelines, teaching them all kinds of things - like mugging.

6/2 (semi-evo has the ability)
Ability: Copy opp. Bonus
If anyone knows how to use anything to their advantage, it has to be Tinka.

tuesday 20/10

BM missions killed the game process. Only EFC champion still has meaning.

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